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Ron Poe: Binay’s Unlikely Defender

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It was somewhat mysterious what triggered Ron Poe, son of FPJ to come out into the open via social media testifying that Vice President Jejomar Binay is a good man as per his late father, Fernando Poe, Jr.

It is very unlikely since as we all know, his adoptive sister, Grace Poe is a contender against V.P. Binay for the Presidency this coming May 9, 2016. Is there sibblings rivalry or he just want to honor the legacy of his father because the late actor will never betray his trusted friend, Jojo Binay.

Ron Poe however insisted that he is only stating facts based on his newly posted status in Facebook saying that business people will always choose Makati as the venue for their commercial establishments because it is well-planned and brilliantly managed that would make any business successful. You can see his actual worlds via the featured image in this page. This statement supports V.P. Binay’s accomplishments in the city from Urban planning to providing quality public service.

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FPJ’s Wisdom: Binay is a good man

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The dead will always find a way to show their sentiments through their closest kin – on vital happenings involving their loved ones. If one is chosen as a channel for their message, he or she cannot have peace of mind unless made known by others and Ron Poe has his way of doing it – through Facebook.

He posted on his status: “My father walked inside a room and 3 (three) 5 Star General saluted him. My papa immediately approached them and said. “General, ako dapat ang sumasaludo sa inyo dahil ang buhay nyo ang kapalit para sa bansa natin”.
With so much respect my papas character was overwhelming to others. And when he ran for President in 2004, (And everyone knew he won that election… Like duhh 😳) he chose Jejomar Binay to become his spokesperson. Binay answered and spoke for my father in times that he wasn’t available. My father would never ever… ever let anyone speak in his behalf if he truly wasn’t worthy or trusted. But he let Binay… Why? Because my father knows that he is a good man.”

Here’s the screen shot of his FB post and link to more details: