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BBM and Son Sandro Marcos on Good Vibes via Social Media in Response to the Localized Media Propaganda

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos

BBM and Sandro Marcos are Trending

Marcos supporters’ Tiktok compilation is trending. It features young voters registering for the first time. It’s their intention to vote for Bongbong Marcos for president in this coming 2022 election. Some also defend him against fake news. Like, he authors 37 proposals, and 4 of them became laws. It includes the creation of the youth commission and the department of energy. However, his son Sandro Marcos just excels no matter what he does.

Sandro Marcos is a Heartthrob

In a zoom interview of Sandro Marcos, many viewers can’t help but say hi to him in the middle of the session. He appreciates the attention and is also quite fond of his admirers. He might be running for a congress seat. But he already won as a heartthrob. There’s just no space anymore for negativity. The media propaganda against the Marcoses is already a thing of the past. Who can beat heartthrobs?

Use Social Media on Spreading Good Vibes

In response to the localized media propaganda, Sandro Marcos and his father urges people to share good vibes instead. BBM added that social media is a good avenue for helping people. Relocating missing people, distribution of relief goods, and organizing activities for a worthy cause during calamities and pandemics deem effective via these online platforms. Despite a media platform’s efforts to translate their anti-Marcos messages into various dialects, people are more driven to the Marcoses because they inspire them.

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Will the Anti-Marcos Media Dare to Discredit Sandro Marcos?

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
Filipino Future

Being a Marcos is Never a Disadvantage

Ferdinand Alexander A. Marcos III or better known as Sandro Marcos mimics his father’s explaination that being a Marcos is never a disadvantage. In fact, it is an advantage. Although he urges people to look at his credentials and political platform for his quest to be a congressman of Ilocos Norte.

Political Platform for a Congress Seat

Sandro Marcos said that he brings the same brand of Marcos leadership. This is the same as his father and aunt, Senator Imee Marcos. He puts forward a comprehensive plan for the rebuilding process after the pandemic. Strategies for resiliency are also on hand. Plus some moves to make the most of technology for the economy. He will divulge his political platform soon.

Expected Bullying Stunts on Social Media

Online bullying is not new to Sandro Marcos. He can inherit all accusations against his father but they do not affect him. He’s quite used to them. The young Marcos urges everyone to look at his track records and not just his family name. The question is, would the anti-Marcos media dare to malign him? Perhaps to recycle their repetitive propaganda against his grandfather. So, they can only try. But risk the end of their network.

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Sandro Marcos Certainly Has a Mind of His Own

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

by Bongbong Marcos

Sandro Marcos is the New Ayuda Sensation
Sandro Marcos recently becomes a social media sensation again after an eye-to-eye encounter with a lady while he gives out ayuda or pandemic assistance goods. His charm is just irresistible to many youngsters. People would want to know more about him, said his father, Bongbong Marcos. So, they do some fast talks in this video.

He Knows what he Wants

This promising congressman to be for the first district of Ilocos Norte, Sandro Marcos is into music. When given choices by his father, he insists on “house.” Because he neither likes rock nor pop. He’s definitely unpredictable because no one can limit him on anything including his father.

He Avoids Controversial Issues

Dealing with Sandro Marcos means no drama at all. He remains neutral on controversial issues like choosing between mom and dad. He simply said, parents. That’s it. Other personal issues like love life and intimate questions are private for him. So, he’s definitely very interesting to follow. How much more when he becomes an official lawmaker? Very exciting and interesting indeed.

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See How Sandro Marcos Stole his Father’s Limelight

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Bongbong Marcos

The Three Ferdinands include Sandro Marcos
The real name of Sandro Marcos is Ferdinand Alexander. Thus, making him the third Ferdinand in their family. The three has the wit, wisdom, good character and looks. They resemble each other as they all excel in their generation. However, Bongbong Marcos denies that Sandro is the most handsome.

Sandro Marcos may be Better but not in Good looks

Bongbong Marcos reiterates that people can say his son, Sandro Marcos is the most intelligent and has the best character overall. But, he cannot accept that he’s the most handsome. His father, the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos would also agree with him, he added. In fact, he cites a comment that during the Marcos regime, girls would line up to get provisions from Bongbong himself. This is just like the recent viral post with Sandro distributing rice.

Prioritizing his People Serves Bongbong Marcos Well

Bongbong Marcos stresses that the camaraderie in the military made him realize that to be a good leader is to prioritize the needs of his constituents. This is quite a good reassurance that Filipinos would greatly benefit from his leadership. All he asks for is to unite. This is where Sandro Marcos can help to make the younger generation know the good side of the Marcos family.

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Sandro Marcos: Why Hate when you can Give Love?

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Handy Vertext Lao

Why Hate over Lugaw when you can Give Love to Laoageños?

Sandro Marcos on Giving Love

Amidst social media posts on hate over his father’s electoral protest with who they call “Lugaw,” Sandro Marcos gives love to Laoageños instead. He prefers to provide bundles of joy to celebrate his birthday recently. Many people also cannot believe the recent Pulse Asia survey. They thought that Bongbong Marcos must be on the lead right now and not just tailing Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio. Come to think of it. Sandro’s lovable character can actually unite the opposing factions.

The Sandro Marcos Ingredient

There is no denial that Bongbong Marcos’ son is a vote driver for his father. Many millenials do not really care about the propaganda against the Marcoses. They are more into how this charming young man can be a promising leader in the future. We can only expect to see more of him during the election 2022 campaign period.

Character Over Survey

Sandro Marcos’ character really does compliment his father’s candidacy this coming elections. The pandemic also made Filipinos realize that it’s about time to bring a Marcos back into the executive office. People must braise into choosing the right leader when they file their presidential bid this October 2021.

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What Does Sandro Marcos Worry About Other Than his Father’s Electoral Protest?

By: Elena Grace Flores

Sandro Marcos, the eldest son of Bongbong Marcos seems like not worrying at all about the result of his father’s electoral protest. In fact, he wishes that his dad’s fashion sense would be dated. However, the latter insists that his wardrobe choice is classic. The son’s New Year resolution for their patriarch coincides with their reaction to the delay on the case against Vice President Leni Robredo. Here’s why. z

YouTube video byBongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: BBM VLOG #43: New year . . . new look?! | Bongbong Marcos

BBM Sticks on Familiar Grounds

If there’s one thing this makeover has taught me, it’s that sometimes we’re better off sticking to what we know!, Bongbong Marcos said. A” for effort though to Sandro, Simon and Borgy!, he added. However, despite the sound suggestions of a credible fashion consultant, his choices remain. Just like in the protest versus Robredo. Marcos refused to ruin his New Year with negativity. He stays confident that his time to lead the country would come.

Sandro’s New Year Resolution for his Dad

Sandro describes his desire for his father’s wardrobe for 2019 as dated. He said that BBM obviously looks like an Ilocano who never spends for his clothes. Ilocanos are noted to be stingy. His father retaliates by saying that his son is right. He is spending more for Sandro’s wardrobe that he describes as English.

Borgy Manotoc’s Expertise

Borgy Manotoc, son of BBM’s sister, Imee is a famous fashion model and entrepreneur. He acts as Marcos’ fashion consultant. He suggests different kinds of attire for him to try on. Then he and Sandro rate the selected outfit each while the VP Protestee models them.

Learning from the Millennials

Marcos adheres to his son’s wish by complying to the wardrobe try out with Manotoc. He is open to change and quite patient about it. Despite his family’s bad experiences, he is seldom seen furious about something. Positivity aligns him to his goal. This is something that social media users must do. Expressing ill feelings about the electoral protest can only do more harm than good because it triggers disunity.

Experience Counts in the Electoral Protest

There’s only one reason why BBM is so patient about the electoral protest contrary to the negative reactions of his loyalists. He knows that his time will come to lead the country. Despite the rumors about the President’s shortcomings, he trusts that he is doing all he can to allow fairness in the upcoming Supreme Court ruling.

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The Marcos Boys Treasure Moments when the Family is Complete


By: Elena Grace Flores

Sandro Marcos, the eldest son of Bongbong Marcos and Louise Araneta Marcos heads the production of the BBM Vlog 34 together with his siblings, Simon and Vince. It highlights the pictorial and the precious moments of the family especially when they are complete over the long weekend.  Sandro lives a“regular” life in London.  The Marcos couple sent their sons abroad to study so they can learn to be independent.

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: It’s always fun when the family is complete.

All 5 are Together

The 3 siblings with their parents are together during the photo shoot. As Vince said, he felt more loved when his mom and dad notices the slightest things like his hair and his tucked-in shirt. This family proves that the most important things in life are really in the things that do not cost money. The family relationship must be first in line.

Seeing the Parents

Simon also expresses his gratitude in seeing his parents more often this time. The brothers are spending more time with each other overseas while their parents are back home. They are keen on doing chores like cooking on their own. The boys and their father are often chanced upon preparing dinner for the family just shortly before the mother arrives from work.

Family is Everything

A country’s troubles often originate from relationships in troubled families. It is such a breath of fresh air that the Marcoses simply show how much they treasure being together completely as a family. There may be teasings and reminders but those are all proofs of the love they have for each other. Bongbong and Liza as she is fondly called can only be proud of Sandro who overshadows their combined popularity.

The Most Popular

Sandro always attracts large crowds. He has over a million Twitter followers and still counting. Most of his followers are from the opposite sex. That only shows how charming he is. No wonder that talent agents, advertising executives, as well as TV and movie producers, also hope that Sandro would consider going into show business.

Believing in their Patriarch

Nevertheless, as humble as he is, Sandro does not think of his popularity as his own achievement. He regards it as the support from so many Filipinos who believe in his father. It can be felt via social media that people in the Philippines are very excited to hear even the slightest update about him. Just like how Filipinos are so anxious about hearing some VP electoral protest news.

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What are Simon Marcos’ Chances in Politics After Sandro’s Overseas Stint?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Sandro, Simon and Vincent Marcos are adorable siblings. They are the sons of former senator Bongbong Marcos and wife Louise Araneta. Sandro recently announces that he does not plan to run for any position at the moment. The eldest son is currently working in London. Since the brothers are only a year apart, the ball in politics seems to be passing on Simon.

Youtube video by; NET 25
[VIDEO]: Mr. Bongbong Marcos And His 2nd Son Simon In MOMents

Family Perception on Politics

Simon said that he’s glad that his parents let them be as they want. He may be reluctant to enter politics but he is game in all media exposures. At the age of 21,  he already knew that there’s simply no other place around the world that offers the best Peking duck but Beijing. Simon just couldn’t get enough of Beijing’s most popular local specialty. Despite distractions like this, he knew in his heart that they belong to politics ever since the start of his existence awareness.

Social Media Bashers

Joseph Simon first went to study in England in 2006. “He was sent to a boarding school when he was 11 years because his elder brother Sandro was already studying there. His younger brother, Vincent. also entered at the age of 11.” Simon then went back to London for his Oxford Brookes schooling. He takes up Business Management Economics. Bongbong Marcos himself went to Oxford where he took up Political Science, Philosophy and Economics from 1975 to 1978. His degree issue has always been revived over the internet. However, social media gives him the edge over the opposition because of their genuine public service efforts.

Tried to be Disciplinarian

Except for his surname, Simon is a regular guy. “He likes playing football. He takes guitar lessons during his free time. He also likes jamming with friends when he’s in Manila,” the father said. The middle son also reveals that his father is trying to be a disciplinarian. He ends up giving in to their choices.

No Baby Talks

The public is now questioning if the three siblings are going to enter the world of politics in which their father desired to do or not. They are given the choice to decide their own path in which they want to succeed in. In fact, Louise Araneta Marcos(mother) prefer her child to be not active in politics and away from the public eye. However, a Marcos is a Marcos and would always do what they are geared for. As for Simon, many people await his plans in the near future.

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Sandro Marcos’ Status Revealed in the Brothers’ Father’s Day Video


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Sandro Marcos who is the darling of the Filipino millennials is actually already working in London. The Father’s Day video of the Marcos brothers dedicated to their father Bongbong Marcos revealed his status. The people must take this as his preparation for a more fruitful political career in the near future. Meanwhile, Simon and Vinny did not fall short of expectations.

Youtube video by; Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Simon, Sandro, and Vinny Marcos surprise BBM with this Father’s Day video.

Spotted in London’s Independence Day Event

Sandro Marcos attends the Independence Day celebration in London hosted by the Philippine Embassy. The picture shows him with Philippine Ambassador to the UK, Ambassador Lagdameo, and actress, Dawn Zulueta.

Working Hard

Sandro always speaks highly of his dad. Perseverance, when things are not going your way, is one of the learnings he gets from their patriarch. His decision to study and work in London is based on the principle of working smart. It’s because working hard in a foreign land is a smart thing to do. This is to gain wisdom in improving the country based on his experiences in the first world country.

The Smartest and Kindest Family

Vinny is grateful for his family. They are the smartest and kindest people he knew. Politics for them is just an outlet to reach out to the society. Their intention is only to help out and not to gain anything from the people they served.

The Marcos Thing

Simon manages to take over the video limelight from his father for the Vlog. He explains how his father teaches him how to pull-over a recording like their regular online videos in series. He talks about learning how to make other people’s lives better as the ultimate goal of their family. It was him who spills the beans about Sandro in the introductory part.

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Sandro Marcos Plans to Work Abroad – Not running for Any Election?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos reveals that his son, Sandro Marcos plans to work abroad. He does not want to build his career where his name means something. Does this imply that he’s not running at all for the upcoming election? Earlier, his aunt, Gov. Imee Marcos who’s running for Senator wishes that her mother can convince the younger Marcoses especially Sandro to join them in politics. He can feasibly get his place in the Congress or even as governor.

Youtube video by; Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: The BBM Vlog: Episode 13 (OFFICIAL TRAILER).

Bloggers Supportive of Marcos’ Election Protest

Marcos speaks highly of some very supportive bloggers for his election protest against Vice President Leni Robredo. The former Senator only has nice words for them. He thinks that ASec Mocha Uson is popular while RJ Nieto of Thinking Pinoy and Sass Rogando Sasot of Mother Earth are both smart. Darwin Canete is influential. Mike Lopez is also a lovely person, said Marcos. He pretends not to know about “Pinoy Ako” blog.

Father is Proud of Son’s Achievement

There might be some awkward moments between father and son but Bongbong stresses the fact that Sandro is doing alright. He got his Master’s Degree in Development Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Where will Sandro go?

As a supportive parent, the Bongbong asks Sandro where he would like to go. Perhaps they could refer him to some of their friends in their field. However, the latter prefers to do it his way. Maybe, to work abroad for a while will help him learn about his real interests.

Many Filipinos can be Heartbroken

The older Marcos believes that real men wear pink. He is grateful to Oxford for teaching him how to think. There are many things to learn more about the future Vice President. BBM Vlog episode 13 is gold in that aspect. However, as for Sandro, he is still in the stage where he wants to explore the world on his own. For sure, many Filipinos can be heartbroken if that is so.

Gov. Imee Marcos is Thankful that PCGG’s Wealth Chase is Ending