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Sandro Marcos’ Total Transfer from a Heartthrob to a Congressman


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Impromptu Speech of Congressman Sandro Marcos

Total Transfer

Sandro Marcos is now a lawmaker. His speech tackles his plans for the Ilocos Norte’s first district. From infrastructure projects to battling high prices of commodities. All these for the progress of his constituents with the help of his family and the people around him. Especially Senator Imee Marcos and her son Governor Matthew Manotoc. Indeed a total transfer from a heartthrob to a Congressman.

The First Marcos

As the first Marcos to run in the first district of Ilocos Norte, Sandro takes pride to emerge victorious. He vows to hit the ground running. Solar light, a bypass road of Loaog city, and to re-initiate the government internship program to ease unemployment are some of the immediate projects. It looks like he can easily transfer to the administrative side in the near future.

A Presidential Son

There’s a big demand for a presidential son and a congressman. The time for politics has ended and public service starts. He asks people to stand as one. Supporting the administration is a way to progress. He is reminded by his father that only Ilocanos helped them during their exile in Hawaii. So, his message of unity is something to live by and he’s now ready to serve the Ilocanos.

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Sandro Marcos in Congress for Ilocos Norte’s First District is a Stepping Stone


By: Elena Grace Flores

Apong Glenn
[VIDEO]: Sandro Marcos’ Victory Speech for Congressman

Sandro Marcos in Congress

Sandro Marcos is in Congress for the first district of Ilocos Norte is the first Marcos to run for the district and won. In his victory speech, he expresses his fear at first when he got only 20 to 30% approval rate in the surveys. However, he’s happy to learn that his enormous efforts in campaigning paid off.

Projects to Do

The eldest son of presumptive president, Bongbong Marcos has many plans lined up for the benefit of his constituents. He’s anxious to start working but urges for the help of everyone to make them successful. As the district’s voice in Congress, the people in Ilocos Norte District 1 are assured that their standard of living can only get better.

Echoing his Father’s Unity Message

Sandro Marcos can’t help but echo his father’s call for unity. This is much needed in the Philippines after a divided election. The younger Marcos believes that there are no difficult tasks. Especially when experts from different political affiliations come together to work as one. So, Filipinos must unite for future progress. This is the stepping stone.

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Sandro Marcos Shows an Example of How to Respect a Notorious Political Detractor

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Sandro Marcos shows respect to Rowena Guanzon, a notorious political detractor of his father.

Sandro Marcos Still Respects Guanzon

In a mere coincidence, Sandro Marcos crosses path with his father’s below-the-belt critic, former Comelec commissioner, Rowena Guanzon. The congressman-elect from Ilocos Norte serves an example to Marcos supporters after Bongbong Marcos’ majority victory.

Respectful and Courteous

With respect and courtesy, Sandro Marcos greeted Guanzon, shaked her hand, and exchanged pleasantries with her naturally with enthusiasm. No signs of awkwardness despite the bullying stunts of Guanzon on his father during the campaign period.

Guanzon’s Reply

In a separate video, Guanzon seems not surprise of Sandro’s gestures. She said, “of course we come from good families. So, we act according to good moral standards.” Such example should multiply to finally unite the Filipino people.

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Sandro Marcos’ Parents Deserve the Credit


By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos/Jomar and Michelle vlog for the Graphic

[VIDEO]: BBM and his wife are proud parents.

Credit to the Proud Parents

Sandro Marcos’ mother, Liza Araneta Marcos was teary-eyed as his father, Bongbong Marcos introduced him for the first time during his official campaign launch recently in Ilocos Norte. The young Marcos runs for congressman. His proud parents really deserve the credit on his becoming an able public servant.

First Launch of Sandro Marcos

Bongbong Marcos gives credit to his son for always introducing him on stage. This time, he returns the favor. It’s the official launch of Sandro Marcos’s candidacy. The first time ever that the father signals the beginning of his son’s public service life.

Official Start in Public Service

The Marcos family has always been in public service since time immemorial. At the present time, young blood emerges. He has the charm and wit of Ferdinand Marcos. Even his name is Ferdinand Alexander Marcos. The overwhelming response of the people in their locality that winning the election is just a formality. The official starting point of his public service life is now. He also deserves his father’s credit.

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The Recovery of Ilocos Norte is Sandro Marcos’ Agenda


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos joins his son, Sandro Marcos’ proclaimation rally in Ilocos Norte

The Recovery of Ilocos Norte

Sandro Marcos’ promise is for the recovery of Ilocos Norte. He aims to bring it back to where it was before the pandemic. Better yet, make it better economic wise. The young Marcos runs against Ria Fariñas. His father, Bongbong Marcos joins his recent proclamation rally there. So, the event is twice as powerful.

Bongbong Marcos’ Support

The recovery of Ilocos Norte is in line to the political platform of Bongbong Marcos. As the future leader of the country, the older Marcos banks on unity in driving the country forward to progress. Planning to recruit only the best for his cabinet. Therefore, the victory of both is beneficial to Filipinos.

Qualified to Run for Congressman

Sandro Marcos is very qualified to run. The reason why he ran was not because of his family name. His only agenda is to serve the Ilocano people and make sure that amid this ongoing pandemic, the issues are addressed and the problems are solved.

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Massive Degree of Support Seen: Arat na Cebu Crowd Puts Pressure on Uniteam to Bring BBM to the City


By: Elena Grace Flores

VenSoy Tisoy

[VIDEO]: The Arat na Cebu concert in Cebu with guests, Mayor Mike Rama and Raymond Garcia got an overwhelming number of attendees as they chant BBM upon entering the gate.

Degree of Support for BBM

A mainstream media article estimates the attendees of the Arat na Cebu concert earlier at 60 to 65000. But there should be more. People are continuously filling in as the program goes. The massive degree of crowd chants BBM as they try to get in to the gate of the Cebu City Sports Center or Abellana ground. It would surely result in a stampede if the authorities did not give way to the powerful crowd.

Arat Na Cebu

The concert performers were Shanti Dope, Gloc 9, AJ Raval, Michael Pangilinan, Jacky Chang, Missing Filemon, and Sephy Francisco. Mayor Mike Rama and Raymond Garcia were the special guests. Attendees knew that this is supposed to be a political event due to the nature of the ticket distributions. Individuals needed to show their ID cards to see if they are qualified voters or not. The red and green color motifs were also obviously that of the Uniteam.

Careful Planning to Avoid Injuries

Arat na Cebu is a concert that inspires Cebuanos to move forward together after the pandemic. However, the young crowd seems to be hungry for the presence of BBM. A bigger venue or a free-flowing system of the event is needed if BBM really holds a political rally in the city. It would also be another story if Sandro Marcos comes along. If Bongbong Marcos is more than just a politician, his son is more than just a celebrity. The degree of passionate young Cebuanos will be very difficult to control for both idols plus other entertainers.

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See Who Challenges Bongbong Marcos’ Son, Sandro

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

Apong Glenn

[VIDEO]: Tiktok Moves and Secrets of Sandro Marcos

Sandro Marcos Challenges Himself

As per the advice of his father, Bongbong Marcos, Sandro Marcos challenges his life every day. Only in that way, Sandro can see his full potential, said the Marcos patriarch. At this time, his ultimate challenge is to win a seat in Congress as a representative for Ilocos Norte’s first district. Although, he would be happier if his father also wins as president.

Mother’s Words of Wisdom

Liza Araneta Marcos, the mother of Sandro Marcos is often a one-liner speaker. This advice registers in the mind of her son; not to get married too young. It seems that the young Marcos still has a lot of things to do prior to settling dowm. So, there’s no worry in this area.


Beauty queens like Catriona Gray, Loren Artajos, and Lyza Catrina Samaliao who are not only beautiful and with sharp brains but also good-hearted are Sandro Marcos’ type of possible girlfriends. This is from a young man who believes that the essence of a man is his strength in the face of a crisis.

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Sandro Marcos: A Heartwarming Introduction of the Father by the Son

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

Vincent Tabigue

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos is a proud father.

Sandro Marcos Introduces BBM for the First Time

Sandro Marcos introduces his father for the first time heartwarmingly. He reminded the people in Ilocos Norte that when Bongbong Marcos was governor, congressman, and senator, they were not forgotten. How much more when he becomes president.

Make Some Noise

The son, Sandro Marcos urges the people to make some noise. The Bongbong-Sara chants followed. This continued until prior to the beginning of his father’s speech. He acknowledged the difference hearing his Sandro’s introduction for him. Marcos admits that it really felt different.

A Proud Father

Bongbong Marcos seeks the approval of his constituents that Sandro Marcos is ready to become congressman. After all, he’s a proud father of his eldest son. These are all candid moments. But somehow, eases the election tensions.

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Sandro Marcos’ Trending Moments with BBM

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Questions I’ve Never Asked My Son | Bongbong Marcos

Sandro Marcos is Trending Always

Diehard detractors of BBM work so hard with trending negativity after he boycotted GMA’s Presidential interview. However, it’s obvious that he does not need to prove that he’s the best. Bonding with his son, Sandro Marcos is more worthwhile and he’s trending all the time.

Sandro’s Greatest Challenge

Running for Congress is Sandro Marcos’ greatest challenge, he admitted. He also cannot compromise transparency. If given the chance to choose, he wants to be called Bongbong after his father. But his original Alexander Ferdinand name was shortened to Sandro by his parents.

Ex-Girlfriends and More

Sandro Marcos confessed that he has had 5 girlfriends already. His first crush was Emma Watson of Harry Potter. Sandro argues that he does like his father’s music but it was BBM who does not like his. Anyway, he’s hopeful that he’ll come around and see the light in the end.

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The Girls’ Rockstar Treatment of Sandro Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores

The Sari-Sari Channel

[VIDEO]: Sandro Marcos is like a rockstar in Bukidnon.

Sandro Marcos is Like a Rockstar

Just like his father, Sandro Marcos is like a rockstar. This was when he represented the BBM-Sara Uniteam in Bukidnon. The girls never stopped screaming. It was a dream come true for them to be able to have a selfie with Bongbong Marcos’s eldest son. He reiterates by saying that there’s a lot of beautiful people in Valencia.

One Minute Hug

One very daring fan said that one minute of hug with Sandro Marcos is like heaven for her. The passion and sentiments never stopped pouring despite the character assassination against him and his father. This explains why BBM gets stronger whenever he’s accused of something by his detractors.

Eye to Eye Contact with Sandro Marcos

The young Ferdinand Marcos also plays his role sincerely. It is obvious whenever he looks at his fans. His eye to eye is obvious. He felt every appreciation. He is thankful to all supporters and pleas for them to vote for the BBM-Sara Uniteam.