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There’s One More thing that Bongbong Marcos Feels Lucky about aside from Family and Wealth


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Mayor Sara: Bongbong Marcos is a firm decision-maker.

Lucky Not Just in Wealth but also on his VP’s Choice

Ilocos Sur Mayor Chavit Singson proudly introduces Bongbong Marcos as an experienced government servant who is destined to lead. Then, Marcos takes the stand to first say that he’s very lucky to be the choice of Mayor Sara Duterte as her running mate. The BBM-Sara tandem is definitely a wealth to behold.

Bongbong Marcos’s Unity Call

Marcos never mentions his father’s wealth for the Filipino people during his speeches. Instead he call on all Filipinos to work together for the common good. Regardless of their political affiliations. He just wants to give a little ease in his countrymen’s financial situation. A little more happiness, and some hopes for a bright future.

The Filipino’s Nature of Love

Marcos is the kind of leader who believes in his people. They are his real wealth. This is why the last will and testament of his father is a priority in his presidency. Just on top of his political platform for progress.

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1Sambayan is a No Match to Sara Duterte-Marcos-Duterte

Sara Duterte

By: Elena Grace Flores
by PH Latest

Marcos-Duterte-Marcos Demographic Strength
The opposition’s list of nominees for the two highest positions in the country came out on June 12. This coincides with the Philippines’ Independence Day. Chel Diokno, Senator Grace Poe, and Vilma Santos-Recto for the first three. Leni Robredo, Antonio Trillanes IV and Eddie Villanueva also follow. However, former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile said that the Marcos-Duterte-Marcos tandem is just too strong for them demographically speaking! Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio is certainly the best pair of Bongbong Marcos.

The Presidency can’t be Inherited

Nothing can compete when the bets from the North and the south unite. This is the case of a Marcos-Duterte-Marcos tandem whoever the president may be. Mayor Sara Duterte can run as president. Although it does not mean that she inherits the presidency. It’s because she has to win majority of the votes to become president. Nothing like the royal hierarchy.

Marcos as President

Bongbong Marcos as president is ideal. Although Sara Duterte can slide down to VP after the election. However, this may cause negativity among voters. It’s best to just run accordingly. Marcos as president and Sara Duterte-Carpio as Vice President is more likely to be the case. So, 1Sambayan can certainly go straight to the trash.

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Marcos-Duterte: It will Break the President’s Heart if Sara Duterte becomes President

Sara Duterte

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by GMA Public Affairs
Sara Duterte as President, is it a yes for Tatay Digong?

It Will Break His Heart

When asked if he is in favor of her daughter Sara Duterte running as a presidential candidate, the president took his time to answer. Does he want her daughter to share the same fate as him?

Sara Duterte as President

President Rodrigo Duterte responds to Unang Hirit’s question on the possible presidential candidacy of his daughter, Sara Duterte come 2022. He said with a heavy heart that you never want to put a loved one in the same position as you. Your bank accounts will be scrutinized and personal life will be dug into. That would be heartbreaking, he insinuates.

Marcos-Duterte Tandem

It is undeniable that a Marcos-Duterte tandem would be a blast. Sara Duterte may be the hottest presidentiable right now said Bongbong Marcos’ sister, Senator Imee Marcos. However, Mayor Duterte is keen to run only as Vice President as she jokes earlier. Although she swears to make Davao progressive to help her father’s presidency. It is quite a stir when the Senator officially announces in a public speech that the Marcos-Duterte alliance is getting stronger than ever.

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

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Marcos-Duterte Tandem is Hot Despite the President’s Fear


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by philstarnews
“It’s all in his mind” Sara Duterte on why she thinks her father is afraid of her

The President’s Fear of Mayor Sara is All in His Mind

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte responds to Senator Imee Marcos when ask why she thinks her father is afraid of her. “Why does the President, your father, repeatedly say that he is afraid of you?” Senator Imee Marcos, a Duterte ally, asked Duterte-Carpio. This is during a confirmation hearing at the Senate.

Fear of his Daughter

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio faces the Commission on Appointments recently. Instead of being quizzed about her promotion as Army reserve colonel, she was asked why her father President Rodrigo Duterte is “afraid” of her. Duterte praises his daughter’s political influence in separate events repeatedly. He cites her role in the ouster of Davao del Norte Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez as House Speaker hours before his third State of the Nation Address in 2018. Prior to this, the Filipino leader recalls her punching a government official in public.

The Marcos-Duterte Tandem is Hot

Senator Marcos’ Marcos-Duterte alliance revelation during the same event is currently the talk of the town via social media. However, an online poll discloses that the tandem would be between the President’s daughter and Senator Marcos’ brother, Bongbong Marcos. Many prefer Marcos to be President as per the initial intention of President Duterte prior to the elections 2016. It is when Imee Marcos is said to be his main supporter for his then Presidential campaign.

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Destabilization Scare Won’t Cease Until Bongbong Marcos Wins Election Protest Against Robredo


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Vice President Leni Robredo as always denies destabilization allegation and calls it “baseless.” The alleged conspiracy by the “yellows” to destabilize the administration of President Du30 as Mayor Sara Du30 refers to as real as terrorism leads the President into issuing an ultimatum to initiate a “revolutionary government.” It’s the same as what the late Corazon Aquino did. This has irked the LP leader and accuses Du30 again of instilling fear among the people. There are two scenarios why this is so. One, her fellow government critic, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV goes out of his way to have a meeting with an anti-drug war counterpart in the US. The recount on the election protest that might make Bongbong Marcos the new VP soon is about to happen, secondly.

Youtube video by; News5Everywhere

[VIDEO]: Umalma si VP Robredo sa pagdawit sa Liberal Party sa umano’y destabilization plot laban sa gobyerno.

Expected Reaction

Robredo, who also chairs the former ruling party, the Liberal Party assures President Du30 by saying this; “when we criticize, it does not mean we want the government not to succeed.” Her remarks came after Du30 threatens to form a “revolutionary government” as he addresses the LP on TV telling them this; if ever “your destabilization is worsening and it is becoming chaotic.”

Revolutionary Government

Du30 said that this “revolutionary government” would be similar to what President Corazon Aquino created shortly after the People Power Revolution in February 1986. He said that the “yellows and reds,” referring to the pro-Aquino and left-wing groups, should just unite since they shared “the same ideological whatever” of wanting to “kick me out” of office.

Not Rumors but Intelligence Reports

Presidential daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara Du30, claims that “the threat of destabilization is as real as terrorism” if alleged intelligence reports were to go by. She also denies that her father was just being paranoid. On the other hand, anti-admin Magdalo party-list Rep. Gary Alejano maintains that “the destabilization narrative is only a fruit of their imagination.”

Words from the DFA Secretary on Trillanes

DFA Secretary, Alan Peter Cayetano said; “I worked with Senator Trillanes in the past and you know my respect to the Senate as an institution. All I can say is, although it’s a free world, it doesn’t help the country where there’s misinformation, disinformation, especially false information” “Even when I was a staunch critic of some presidents, I’ve never gone abroad to ask for help to topple them,” he said. He added that he requested a meeting with Rubio, but the Senator is still not available. Cayetano was also a VP contender and running mate of the President. However, he and his campaigners are already open to Bongbong Marcos’ possible victory against Robredo. They are convinced that Marcos as VP would stop destabilization efforts.

Trillanes seeking US help to topple gov’t—Cayetano

Robredo: ‘Revolutionary gov’t’ threat stokes fear among the people