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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Aside from finding it very easy to install, Rich Snippets Plugin immediately resulted to almost twice the number of views I got from this website on the day of installation – and I can roughly say that within a week’s time, there’s almost 10 to 20% increase to the weekly views according to the analytic report available from Google Adsense. I am happy to agree with this review:

Verdict: It’s the best Plugin We’ve Reviewed

By: AndyMcllwain

The All In One header is impressive. It’s clear that the authors have taken time to make the image fit the directory layout.

We have an illustration of what a rich snippet would look like, and the snippet itself is an explanation of what the plugin does. Making use of the header for more than just a pretty picture is good attention to detail.

So, what are you waiting for? Do not just upgrade your SEO plugin – make t!


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Testing Rich Snippets and AuthorSure

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
As an all in one plugin, Schema Creator plugin or Rich Snippets provides an easy platform in adding microdata to posts. It requires a different procedure using rich snippet items or types. The authorship snippet seems to be enhanced by using  The AuthorSure plugin and can easily claim authorship. Read this in full:

Setting Up Google Rich Snippets in WordPress

In the fiercely competitive online environment, you should be looking to use every tool at your disposal to your advantage. One “tool” that is shockingly under-utilized is Google’s rich snippets feature. You’re probably familiar with rich snippets: they’re the extra “snippets” of information that sit alongside some results in the SERPs. Why do they matter? Well, for a start, they make your page stand out from the competition, meaning they are a proven way to boost your CTR and increase your traffic from the search engines.

Not sure yet at this point if these plugins together are better than WP Review Stars Premium but above all, they are easy to install and the information required are very straightforward. I guess, it all boils down to the performance at the end of the day. Will let you know soon.

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Unbelievable SEO Promises

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Sometimes we get too desperate in increasing our web traffic and can easily be tempted with unbelievable SEO promises. If you don’t know much about search engine optimization, the offers can sound very realistic and affordable. However, if you only read the facts, you will know easily that they are hoaxes! Read this:

8 SEO Scams That Won’t Die


Wherever there is a knowledge gap between the the service provider and the customer, there is an opportunity to deceive. Look around any market that fits this description – you’ll find dishonesty.

It might only be 50 dollars but it is still 50 dollars if you are lured by a scammer. Beware at all times and be knowledgeable with how SEO works. This way, you can’t be a willing victim for them. It’s better be sure than sorry!

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Create a Website for Usabiity not Tags to Realize SEO

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Various tricks can be observed in social media that are done by people who are desperate to optimize search engines for getting into the top pages of Google. These are the so-called “spammers” in the sense that they voluntarily mislead the readers just to get what they want. If only the best practices for SEO are followed, no need to invent things. Watch this:

SEO Best Practices

Posted at Youtube by: Wil Reynolds

This video was posted even before the launching of the Hummingbird Google Algorithm – but if the best practices mentioned are followed, there’s no reason why your pages or websites can’t have higher page ranks. If a page is created based on it’s purpose in line with the materials used, SEO wil not be a problem at all. Don’t make it hard on yourself. Just be an honest and dedicated publisher!

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