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A Worthwhile Reason for Senator Imee Marcos to Escape the Senate


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Imee Marcos
Happy birthday, Atty Larry Gadon!

Escaping the Senate

Senator Imee Marcos announces with excitement that she’s making the most of the day by excaping boring proceedings at the Senate. She opts to join Atty. Larry Gadon’s birthday party instead. The tough-talking lawyer is not only a long-time Marcos loyalist but he is also the Marcos family’s great defender. The senator’s presence is definitely worth the while. Escaping the Senate during idle times should not be a big deal.

Ageless Loyalist

Atty. Gadon is definitely worth Senator Marcos’ escape from the Senate because of his dedication to educating people as to what really the truths are when it comes to the Marcoses. For one, he is very vocal in explaining the controversial issues on the Senator’s educational credentials. His visibility on social media made him an efficient speaker for the Marcos family. No one can explain things better than him because of the direct knowledge and his exceptional personality. Marcos avoids mentioning his age because he is ageless for them.

Celebrating Life’s Events

There are many things that are more important than work. Although money is essential to sustain the needs of daily living, there must be a balance between work and personal tasks. One can’t be happy nor successful if the balance is off. Like what Steve Jobs implies on his death bed – that relationships with friends and family members matter the most.

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

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Believable Outcomes for BBM’s Senate Campaign & Glenn Chong’s Fight for Red


By: Elena Grace Flores
The recently concluded May 13, 2019 election may be anomalous for some but it is at least believable for BBM or Bongbong Marcos. His thorough Senate campaign for his sister, Imee Marcos is a success. On the other hand, Calabarzon police director P/Brig. Gen.l Edward Carranza’s 22 policemen are found guilty for the murder of Atty. Glenn Chong’s aide, Red Santillan and his companion. They have a double murder case charges. Calabarzon Provincial Director P/Col. Lou Evangelista, and acting Cainta police chief P/Lt. Col. Panlito Naganag will face the obstruction of justice charges. This is for fabricating information on the fatal shooting incident. The same goes with Carranza.

YouTube video by
Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Maraming salamat po! | Bongbong Marcos

Thanking Supporters for Imee Marcos’ Senate Win

Bongbong Marcos said; Thank you to everyone who campaigned, voted and are watching the vote! None of this would have been possible without your support! Imee Marcos also said this; My heartfelt gratitude for your trust and support. Thank you, we won because of you.

Atty. Glenn Chong’s New Ally

Atty. Glenn Chong may not be successful in his Senatorial bid but one thing is certain. He has found a vital ally in Team Marcos. His media exposure during the election campaign period as a clean poll advocate really benefits BBM’s electoral protest. He deserves their alliance for a better government in the near future. Chong is seen to take up a very important post under the Marcoses’ new era. He expresses his gratitude to the group in a Facebook message.

Punishing the Culprits

The defeat of Atty. Chong seems to open new doors for his fights. Take the case of Red Santillan. The NBI said that the December 2018 shooting of Santillan and his companion Gessamyn “Minmin” Casing in Cainta, Rizal was a rubout and not a firefight, as claimed by the police. “The severity of the police officers’ acts indicated a calculated pursuit of a decision to kill Red and Minmin,” the NBI said in an April 21 transmittal letter released to the media on Monday.

Helpless Victims

Santillan died from 21 gunshot wounds in different parts of his body, while Casing succumbed to two, according to the autopsy results. Citing forensic reports and witness testimonies, the NBI said the victims were defenseless and did not use firearms. This is contrary to the claim of the policemen who said the two fired at them first, prompting them to shoot back.

Eliminating the Police Scalawags

It added that policemen involved in the incident made a conscious decision for a “sure kill,” using their short and long firearms against unarmed civilians.The NBI also recommended that the policemen be charged for planting of evidence, noting that the firearms recovered by the police from Santillan’s vehicle tested negative for the fingerprints of either victims.

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Senate: Bongbong Marcos Proposed the Free Education Bill – Not the Author

By: Elena Grace Flores

The recent fact-checks of some media recently failed a great deal. Half-truths can also be misleading. Bongbong Marcos might not be the author of the Free Education bill but he proposed it. According to the Senate of the Philippines’ 17th Congress website, former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. pushed for free college education in all the state colleges and universities in the country. z

YouTube video byElena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Many senators may have claimed to propose such bill but it is already recorded in the minds of the public that Bongbong Marcos initiated it first in 2015.

Support for Public School Teachers

Likewise, Marcos also called for increased support for public school teachers. He said that it is a crucial factor in improving the country’s educational system. Marcos stressed that education is one of the most important services that the government can provide to people. He worked for possible enactment of measures for this during his last term in the Senate but the legislative agenda at that time was not able to accommodate Marcos’ proposals.

Electoral Protest Delayed the Bill

Marcos vowed to continue this quest when he becomes Vice President but his electoral protest against the presumptive VP Leni Robredo is still ongoing. However, his proposal was endorsed and authored by other Senators when he was no longer in the position. The bill becomes a law in August 2017. It aims to provide students from state colleges and universities with free education.

Screenshot of the Senate Press Release

It is actually hard to miss this kind of press release if the objective of a media entity is to tell the truth. It is very clear that the country’s news networks have the hand of anti-Marcos oligarchs. Here’s the screenshot and link of the said Press Release:

The Bill’s Authors and Co-Authors

The authors of the bill signed on January 23, 2017, were Senators Recto, Villanueva, Ejercito, Aquino IV, Gatchalian, Pangilinan, Angara, and Legarda. The bill’s passage into law also shows that other senators were made co-authors. All in all, the bill had 12 authors: senators Ralph Recto, Joel Villanueva, Joseph Victor Ejercito, Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV, Sherwin Gatchalian, Francis Pangilinan, Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara, Loren Legarda, Leila de Lima, Cynthia Villar, Juan Miguel Zubiri, and Richard Gordon.

Aquino-Marcos Feud

The Aquino and Marcos rivalry still exists these days. As one of the co-authors of Marcos’ proposed bill, Bam Aquino receives criticisms in claiming that he is the author of the bill that Marcos initiated. The feud has come a long way and it generally delays the provision of laws that would benefit the general public. Too bad that the mainstream media is more interested in “Who’s Who or Who’s What” than for the common good.

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Bongbong Marcos: Not Surprised that Mocha Uson Resigns but Wished her Well on the Congress or Senate Choices


By: Elena Grace Flores

The resignation of PCOO ASec Mocha Uson is not a surprise to Bongbong Marcos. He knows that she is never comfortable at her vacated post because the government’s detractors are always attacking her on various issues. It may be sad for Marcos to see a friend goes out of public service, he wishes her well and hopes that she can find a position where she can be happy. Previously, the sexy personality announces that the fight is not over yet for her. Uson mentions that she will bring her case to the Congress or the Senate. This prompts people to believe that she might run for Senator or Congresswoman during the mid-term elections.

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: This week we bid farewell to a friend in public service, and we also welcomed new friends to our circle of service.

Uson’s Resignation

The executive branch did not pressure Communications Assistant Secretary Margaux “Mocha” Uson to vacate her post. Although her resignation is expected to be accepted by President Rodrigo Duterte. Uson was in the United States earlier this week as part of the Philippine delegation to the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Presidential Assistant, Bong Go said Uson sent her letter of resignation last Tuesday, October 2, and is already in the President’s office. Uson can run for the Congress or the Senate if she wants to. She has around 5 million followers via social media.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Uson announces her resignation at the Senate as a “sacrifice” in exchange for the approval of the Presidential Communications Operations Office’s (PCOO) budget.  Asked if the resignation was connected to reports that Uson would be running for senator in the upcoming elections, Go said the announcement would come from Uson herself. He advises everyone to wait for her further announcement.

What Prompted the Resignation?

Go did not elaborate on the circumstances leading up to the resignation of Uson, but he said that Malacañang wishes her well. Prior to her resignation, Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Director General Harold Clavite publicly asked Uson to step down from her post citing her failure to attend plenary deliberations on the PCOO budget.

Robredo’s Camp Happy with Uson’s Decision

The camp of the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo said that the country did not lose anything in the resignation of Communications Assistant Secretary Uson.  Gutierrez, however, warned Uson that resigning from a government post does not exonerate her from liability over her previous actions. Robredo had been at the receiving end of Uson’s sharp criticisms in the past, at one time calling her stupid and idiot.

The Congress and Senate’s Real VP

Uson also calls Robredo “fake vice president” and identifies the former Senator Marcos as the real VP. Many Filipinos believe that the brave lady can even be more powerful without the restrictions from the government lawmakers who are critical of her. She is free to disclose everything that she knows and act in ways she deems appropriate. Another thing, she definitely establishes a good support by SAP Go and President Duterte himself aside from Marcos.

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The Selfless Resignation of Mocha Uson can Lead her to Run for a Seat in the Senate or Congress


By: Elena Grace Flores

Communications Assistant Secretary Margaux “Mocha” Uson said she resigns from her post. This is to aid the passage of her agency’s budget. She warns critics that her fight is not yet over. She makes the sacrifice so that the PCOO budget can be passed. The avid supporter of the President also tells her detractors not to make the mistake of thinking that they won. She did not resign because she’s scared. Uson just wants to have a fair chance when she faces them may it be n the Senate or in the Congress. This triggers speculations that she might be running for Senator or Congresswoman. As what Presidential Secretary Bong Go said; Just wait for her announcement.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: PCOO ASec Mocha Uson resigns after the lower House holds the agency’s budget because of her absence. She vows to bring her fight to the Senate and Congress.

Deferred PCOO Budget

The House of Representatives had deferred action on the budget of the Presidential Communications Operations Office after Uson failed to attend budget deliberations. She told a separate budget hearing at the Senate Wednesday that she missed the House hearings because she was at the United Nations General Assembly.

The Palace’s Consent

President Duterte is likely to accept Uson’s resignation, said Special Assistant to the President, Christopher “Bong” Go. We respect her resignation and we thank Asec. Mocha for her service to the Duterte government. She was a good ally, he added. Meanwhile, Presidential Chief Legal Counsel comments that it is Usons selfless act.

Congress Politics in Budget Deliberations

Uson alleged that several left-leaning congressmen were deliberately stalling the PCOO’s budge. This is after her interview with some Lumad, who claimed they were being “used” by the left against Duterte. She also slammed the lawmakers concerned for politicizing budget deliberations. Pichay also scolds top PCOO officials led by Sec. Martin Andanar. It is not known why Uson’s presence is a must when her boss himself is always present.

Wrong Accusations

Pichay and other lawmakers were upset after Andanar earlier committed to bringing Uson at the House plenary. This is to personally answer the queries of several legislators who wanted an explanation of her involvement in various controversial activities. Her personal blog particularly is the target of the inquiry.

Freedom of Speech

Uson believes that some lawmakers use their position to intimidate government agencies who are not in line with their personal agenda. She previously apologizes over a video about federalism that features dancing and another clip that upsets the deaf community. Her enemies always demand freedom of speech but they simply can’t give that to Uson.