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Personalizing Senator Imee Marcos on ABS CBN’s Testimony is All About 2022

Senator Imee Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores


Senator Imee Marcos is Not Personalizing ABS CBN’s Case.

Why are they personalizing Senator Imee Marcos?

Senator Imee Marcos said a few months ago at the Kapihan sa Senado that she is not personalizing ABS CBN’s plight. This must go through the legal process. Despite having bad feelings to the network just like President Rodrigo Duterte, she also feels for their employees.

ABS CBN Ownership Remained with the Lopezes

In a news blog, the headline implies that ABS CBN serves as the source of funds for the young Imee Marcos’ wants. However, Former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile already said that the Lopez family never lost its ownership. During the administration of former President Ferdinand Marcos, the facilities of the entire ABS-CBN complex, broadcast complex, were put under the control of the government. The title of all of these facilities is still with the owners to this date.

It’s All About Bongbong Marcos in 2022

At the Kapihan, the press people insist on getting an answer from Senator Marcos about her brother’s presidential candidacy for 2022. She confirms that he will definitely run. Although the exact position is not yet known. She agrees that there are many capable candidates in the Senate alone. Marcos also understands the unwillingness of the President’s daughter, Mayor Sara Duterte to lead the country because of her young family. Currently, the Senator looks into the alleged labor violations among call center agents during the time of the pandemic on top of other tasks. She said it’s too early for a smear election campaign for 2022.

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

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Here’s Why Senator Imee Marcos Not Keen on Duterte’s Approval of the DOH’s 2B Supplemental Budget


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Imee Marcos
Senator Imee Marcos talks about Covid-19, VFA and CITIRA

The Tripple Whammy

Senator Imee Marcos talks to Senate media on March 9, 2020 about a “Triple Whammy” that she says will affect the country’s economy this year — Covid-19, VFA and CITIRA.

No Supplemental Budget History

Senator Marcos, chair of the Senate economic affairs committee, is not optimistic about President Duterte’s approval on the DOH’s 2B supplemental budget. She discloses it after his non-approval of any supplemental budget since he took over Malacanang in 2016. Aside from the COVID-19 threat, other “whammies” are also at stake. The negative economic effect of the unilateral abrogation of the 21-year-old Philippines-United States Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA)is real. The African swine fever epidemic that might decimate the country’s pork production by half is another. Plus the impending blacklisting of the Philippines because of money laundering by “tourists” or “businessmen” of billions of pesos of undeclared foreign currency inflows through the airports is ongoing.

No Sense of Urgency in the DOH

A testimony before her committee that the DOH, despite its billions of pesos in its annual budget, only has 2,000 testing kits annoys her. Although the COVID crisis began late last year, no one from the DOH prepares for it. Marcos said they should now plan an epidemic situation as the Senate itself is on lockdown.

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Senator Imee Marcos Did Not Spare the Tala Dance Craze!

Imee Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Imee Marcos
Senator Imee Marcos does the Tala Challenge

The Senator Did Not Spare the Tala Challenge

Senator Imee Marcos does the Tala Dance Challenge with Congresswoman Geraldine Roman and her brother Tony during the KABAKA anniversary in Dinalupihan, Bataan last Sunday, March 8.

The Marcos-Duterte Alliance

Sarah Geronimo’s “Tala” enjoys a renaissance recently. The now-iconic dance sequence from the song’s music video is now at the center of everything. This is from Tiktok videos to a Tala Dance Challenge to various party performances.

The Dancing Senator

Senator Marcos who does not look like a senior citizen at all still rocks as she performs Tala’s dance routine with glee. She shows it all out as the crowd cheers. A choreographer in front makes sure that all the moves are coordinated. Nonetheless, everyone seems to have fun during this event.

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Dancing the Troubles Away with a Folk Dance by Senator Imee Marcos

Senator Imee Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Imee Marcos
Where are the Young Farmers and Fisherfolks in Abra?

Dancing the Troubles Away

Senator Imee Marcos gives justice to an impromptu dance performance. Manmanok is a dance that dramatizes three roosters from the Bago Tribe who compete against one another to be able to get the attention of a hen. It starts with each of the dancers holding an “ayob” or “allap” which is a small cloth. The background and meaning of this dance are evident. The male simulates a rooster trying to attract the attention of a hen while the female imitates the movements of a hen being circled by a rooster.

The Senator Encourages Local Travel

Tourist bans already take a toll on the tourism industry in major destinations of the country. It’s about time to facilitate more domestic travels. This can compensate for the lost income of the travel sector. The senator does not mind the risk of coronavirus at all. She continues to roam around nationwide to help and inspire people of all levels. Marcos also reports the diminishing water reserves that she can see from her private flight.

The The Farming and Fishery Problems

Senator Imee Marcos spent a day in Bangued, Abra last March 6 where she attended a Farmers and Fisherfolk Forum as a special guest. Marcos insinuates that this is a problem because continuity would not be possible if there’s no work succession.

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Congratulations to Senator Imee Marcos

Senator Imee Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

The youth and OFW votes certainly helped one Senator Imee Marcos in the recent May 13, 2019, mid-year election. These are on top of the loyalists’ votes. She’s also one of the INC’s endorsees. Her various alliances are also to her advantage. In earlier reports, the outgoing Ilocos Norte governor is the number one bet in Hongkong. Other overseas precincts follow suit. Now, ground election watchers report that she definitely bags one of the 12 Senate seats. Marcos is number 7 in the unofficial results at closing time. Although it is alarming that in the early hours of May 14, there are reports that she slides slightly down to the  8th spot.  However, Comelec spokesman, James Jimenez said that the official announcement of the winners can take up to 2 weeks.

YouTube video by
jam pj aweewee


Unity Knows NO Boundaries

The Fariñas and Marcos clans are allies once again. A week after before the elections, Ilocos Norte 1st District Representative Rudy Fariñas said he supports the senatorial bid of his former rival, Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos. This was after he withdraws his gubernatorial bid versus, Marcos’ son, Matthew Manotoc.

Survey Ranking Just Before the Election

1. Cynthia Villar: 55.9%, 1st
2. Grace Poe: 46.7%, 2nd to 3rd
3. Taguig City Representative Pia Cayetano: 45.%, 2nd to 4th
4. Former presidential aide Bong Go: 42.%, 3rd to 7th
5. Former senator Bong Revilla: 39.5%, 4th to 8th
6. Senator Lito Lapid: 38.5%, 4th to 9th
7. Former Bureau of Corrections chief Ronald dela Rosa: 37.9%, 4th to 9th
8. Senator Juan Edgardo Angara: 36.3%, 5th to 10th
9. Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos: 34.1%, 6th to 14th
10. Senator Nancy Binay: 32.8%, 8th to 15th
11. Senator Koko Pimentel: 31.7%, 9th to 15th
12. Senator JV Estrada Ejercito: 31.2%, 9th to 15th
13 Former senator Jinggoy Estrada: 30.8%, 9th to 15th
14. Senator Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV: 30.6%, 9th to 15th
15. Former presidential adviser Francis Tolentino: 28.9%, 10th to 15th

Hongkong Slot is Guaranteed

In a series of daily updates by the founder of Marcos Loyalists in Hong Kong, Iron Rock shows Imee Marcos’ lead in the Senatorial election race. She guarantees the position of Imee Marcos in the Senate in the island. However, this may not be the same as the nationwide results. Although her inclusion is quite predictable.

Controversy on Marcos’ Party

The Comelec, last May 8, accredits parties that are in alliance with President Rodrigo Du30 as the dominant majority and dominant minority parties in this year’s elections. The President’s party, PDP-Laban, was named the dominant majority party while the Villar-led Nacionalista Party was made the dominant minority party. They are both pro-administration groups that many opposition stalwarts opposed.

The Comelec’s Difficulty

The Commission on Elections made a dozen of arrests after it launches a task force against vote buying. But the poll body’s new citizens arm says several factors would make it difficult to file cases against them. Despite the efforts of Marcos’ detractors, she still went through.