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Atty. Glenn Chong on BBM’s Protest: Why is Macalintal Abandoning Robredo’s Ship


By: Elena Grace Flores

In the Senate hearing back on July 21, 2018, Senator Franklin Drilon kept on linking Atty. Glenn Chong to Bongbong Marcos to stop him from making comments on BBM’s protest. The basis of Senator Drilon’s questions was a letter from BBM’s lawyer, Atty. George Garcia. This letter, dated March 15 was passed to Drilon by one of Robredo’s lawyers. Stated in the letter was that BBM was assigning Glenn Chong to some activities in Sta. Rosa Laguna. As such, the camp of the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo is asking the Supreme Court to investigate Chong. In any angle, it is certain that Robredo wants to identify Chong as BBM’s lawyer to shut him off under the PET’s gag order. The young lawyer retaliates by making sure to respond to Robredo’s plea on time. This is with all his evidence proving the alleged lies of the presumptive VP. He also lashes on her lawyer, Atty. Romulo Macalintal who is running for Senator under the Liberal Party.

YouTube video by TOKHANG TV

[VIDEO]: Atty Glenn Chong Pinapatahimik na ni Lugaw.

False Narrative

Glenn Chong says that the lawyers of Robredo should know that he didn’t go to the said hearing described in Garcia’s letter. A representative of Robredo was always present in the activities that took more than a week to finish. Atty. Chong claims that he wasn’t there even for a day. To complete their false narrative, Robredo and her supporters show a picture from his Facebook post where he is in the Comelec warehouse in Sta. Rosa. Chong, however, said that particular picture was taken nearly 5 months before.

No Concrete Evidence

Chong attests that there was no evidence of Robredo’s accusation because the said picture was not specifically taken between March 20 to 27 of 2017. Despite that, this fabricated story by the Camp of Robredo made it to the so-called yellow media. They still publicized the news and deceived the public. He also asserts that if he was sent but he didn’t go, it only shows that he has his freedom to not follow orders as he is not a representative of BBM.


Manifestation to Investigate Chong

Robredo’s camp filed a manifestation of grave concern with an urgent motion to the Presidential Electoral Tribunal indicating their suspicion on Atty. Chong. They particularly would like the PET to investigate how he acquired access to the audit logs from Ragay Town of Camarines Sur as well.

One of the Resource Persons

One of the 3 pilot provinces that BBM picked for his poll protest was Camarines Sur. Incidentally, Camarines Sur is Robredo’s home province. In their manifestation, Robredo’s camp cites partial transcripts of the July 31 Senate hearing regarding the alleged poll fraud of 2016. Chong was allegedly one of the resource people who divulged such anomaly. Nevertheless, Chong insisted that he got the data from the Senate Electoral Tribunal.

Chong is Not Marcos’ Lawyer for the Protest

Atty. Chong firmly denies being a representative of Marcos. He says that Robredo’s camp is only insisting on the connection so that he would be put under by the gag order s well. However, at the rate that the protest is going, the pilot provinces should be done by the end of the year. He also notes that even Macalintal is abandoning Robredo’s ship. The veteran lawyer clearly does not want the liability of Robredo’s failure that can happen anytime in 2019. That would be very timely for the midterm elections as well. Therefore, Macalintal’s candidacy is a very effective way to be off the hook. Macalintal reiterates that his job as an election lawyer is different from his job as a candidate. He also gave the assurance that he “will not take advantage of the situation.”

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Senator Bet, Imee Marcos can be the Solution for her Brother’s Electoral Protest Hiccups


By: Elena Grace Flores

Some media tried to make a big fuzz on Gov. Imee Marcos as the daughter of the late President who declared martial law when she filed her COC previously. She was asked if she heard the isolated “Never Again” chants from the LP group when she arrived at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) central office. All she can remember was what the “solutions” reply of her supporters because she has many of that. Gov. Marcos is now in the magic 12 despite not doing any substantial campaigns yet for Senator. She is even capable of bagging an executive position should her brother’s good nature takes a toll on his electoral protest against Leni Robredo for Vice President.

YouTube video by TOKHANG TV

[VIDEO]: Busilak at Sobrang Bait pala ni Bongbong Marcos.

LP’s Story

Supporters of Liberal Party (LP) senatorial bet, human rights lawyer Chel Diokno – some of who were alleged Martial Law victims – chanted, “Never again to Martial Law!” However, the governor is very much inclined to the glee of her supporters that she hardly noticed their pleas. This has been an old trick of the opposition to demonize martial law to discredit the Marcos siblings. Luckily for them, it’s their performance and the legacy of their father’s pro-country projects that excel in the long run.

Lots of Solutions

The eldest child of the late President Ferdinand Marcos was gracious enough to say that she “could not understand the calls clearly from Diokno’s camp.” She is accompanied by her mother, former First Lady Imelda Marcos, who is seeking to replace Imee as Ilocos Norte governor. Her brother Bongbong Marcos, a former senator who is contesting the results of the 2016 vice presidential election; and her sons were also present during her COC filing. Clearly, she not only has lots of solutions to the country’s problems but she is the solution herself for what her family is going through.

Martial Law Blame

“I have no clue, sorry, I think it’s, ‘Imee, solution,’ because I always have an answer,” Gov. Marcos said. So she couldn’t hear the shouts against Martial Law. She replied to the reporters, “No, these are my friends from old Kabataang Barangay.” It is typical in the country that the detractors of the Marcoses capitalize on the black propaganda launched by the LP against their patriarch to stop their rise in the top government posts. Nevertheless, it is evident that their current popularity is at a peak because people learned how to verify what they hear from the mainstream media.

Kabataang Barangay

The KB, forerunner of the Sangguniang Kabataan, was headed by Imee Marcos during Martial Law. It was a council based in the villages that allowed the youth to engage in public affairs. So, it is not a surprise why the millennials can relate to her every step of the way. The internet and social media are definitely vital in information dissemination.

No Sweat

The Marcos supporters’ chant “Marcos, Marcos, Marcos at the Comelec is more relevant because Gov. Marcos managed to be included in the magic 12 or the senatorial seats without a sweat. She currently denied answering the question if she will consider higher posts after winning as a Senator. Despite that, it is a no-brainer to know that she is always ready to take on a responsibility on behalf of her brother whom she describes as a very good person.

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Enrile Explains why he Denied Martial Law Brutality to Bongbong Marcos

Martial Law

By: Elena Grace Flores

Former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile said that when the country is confronted with the same magnitude of rebellion as during the martial law regime, it must be handled intensely. This is to silence or intercept the chaos at once. He retains that the ultimate purpose of the late President Ferdinand Marcos’s military rule declaration was to prevent massive bloodshed. He admits, however, that there were lapses in his memory. This was when he threw a challenge to give him at least one name who was imprisoned because of his or her political beliefs during his interview with Bongbong Marcos. He then insisted that they were released right away as things settled down. At 94 years old, Enrile is running again for Senate seat in 2019.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: The Chiefs grilled former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile on why he told Bongbong Marcos that there were no martial law human rights violations.

Hopeful at 94

Former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile vies for a Senate seat again. This is in the upcoming midterm elections. The 94-year-old veteran politician confirms that he is set to run as an independent candidate. His lawyer, Joseph Sagandoy filed his certificate of candidacy. He urges The Chiefs to let the people judge him on his performance. If he loses, he will easily accept. But he wins, he will serve the nation.

History Revisionism or the Truth?

“I am not going to wrestle with anybody physically, I am going to wrestle mentally,” Enrile said. Enrile’s Senate bid comes barely a month after he drew flak for his interview with former Senator Bongbong Marcos over what his critics branded as an attempt at historical revisionism of the martial law era. Enrile said that he is running following his own will. Marcos never made an attempt to convince him to re-enter politics.

Memory Lapses

A former defense minister of the late Marcos, Sr., Enrile recently told Marcos, Jr. that no one was arrested under his father’s rule for their political or religious beliefs. Many political figures debated on these and he agrees that he may have said that when having some memory lapses. He also sought to dispel talk that he was no longer fit to run for public office. Enrile said in jest that he may even outlive some of the incumbent Senators.

Platform for His Ideas

Enrile earlier said he would run as an independent candidate but would welcome the endorsement of President Rodrigo Du30. He said winning in next year’s elections would help him have a platform for his ideas. Enrile joins the late President’s daughter, Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos in the 2019 senatorial race.

Let the People Decide

It is obvious that The Chiefs are worried about the increasing popularity of Gov. Marcos. The possibility of her brother’s VP electoral protest is another thing. However, Enrile can only advise them to let the people decide.

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Senator Trillanes Misunderstood the President’s Rule of Law that Leads to the Supreme Court

Supreme Court

By: Elena Grace Flores

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV’s Order of Arrest could now be in the hands of the Supreme Court, explains former Senator and Armed Forces Chief, Rodolfo Biazon. Therefore, the noisy senator does not have victory contrary to his claims. What he has right now is a temporary relief that he is still out of jail, said Biazon. In fact, Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo said that while the Du30 administration respects the court’s ruling and adheres to the rule of law, the Justice Department and the Office of the Solicitor General would look into possible remedies with regard to the senator’s case. The SC’s Court of Appeals is surely in the picture.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: The Supreme Court now has to rule on Senator Antonio Trillanes IV’ order of arrest after he experiences a temporary relief from being arrested.

Judge Soriano’s Judgement

Judge Andres Soriano issued a resolution denying the DOJ’s plea for the warrant for Trillanes’ arrest, saying the court had already dismissed the case in 2011 and “the court finds no reason to disturb the doctrine of immutability of a final and executory judgment.” The judge also said the court “finds and so holds that Trillanes did file his amnesty application in the prescribed form in which he also admitted guilt for his participation in the Oakwood Mutiny, among others, and in which he further recanted all previous statements that he may have made contrary to said admission.

Voiding Trillanes’ Amnesty is Legal

The resolution also upheld the validity of Proclamation 572, saying it was within President Rodrigo Duterte’s prerogative to issue it. In a 33-page order, Makati City Regional Trial Court Branch 148 Judge Andres B. Soriano found “no basis to believe that Proclamation 572 has breached any constitutional guaranty or that it has encroached on the constitutional power of either the judicial and executive branch”.

The Senator will be Apprehended

Based on the proclamation, Trillanes has no pending application for amnesty granted to all active and former personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and supporters who joined the July 2003 Oakwood Mutiny, the February 2006 Marines stand-off and the November 2007 Manila Peninsula incident. The proclamation also tasked the AFP and the PNP “to employ all lawful means to apprehend former (Lieutenant Senior Grade) Antonio Trillanes so that he can be recommitted to the detention facility where he had been incarcerated for him to stand trial for the crimes he is charged with,” citing the power of the President under Article VII, Sec. 19 of the Constitution to grant amnesty.

Military Court Martial?

The Philippine National Police (PNP) said it respects the court’s ruling. “The PNP as a law enforcement agency will always respect. It upholds whatever is the decision of any judicial authority,” said PNP spokesperson Chief Supt. Benigno Durana Jr. The President still gets a strong support from the military. However, Senator Ping Lacson said that only the Supreme Court can decide whether Senator Antonio Trillanes IV should face a military court even as a civilian.

Court of Appeals in the Supreme Court

Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra clarifies that the Department of Justice determines the next step. This is in the amnesty issues of Senator Trillanes. Parties have 15 days to file an appeal or motion for reconsideration before a court. Guevarra said that the DOJ is finalizing its next step. It is likely that it will end up in the Court of Appeals. The rebellion case was dismissed in 2011 pursuant to the amnesty granted by former President Benigno Aquino. But President Du30 declared the amnesty “void from the beginning” through Proclamation 572.

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Why are there Attempts to Destroy the Du30-Marcos-Binay Alliance in time for the New Supreme Court CJ?

Supreme Court

By: Elena Grace Flores

Misled Marcos supporters made unlogical posts on social media recently. They said that President Rodrigo Du30 just uses Bongbong Marcos to enhance his already outstanding popularity during the last elections. This is because of his alleged no action on Marcos’ electoral protest. As political experts say, all alliances are vital in every election. This is why we can see posts that discredit the Binays despite the efforts of the former VP to gather evidence for the 2016 electoral fraud. His daughter, Senator Nancy Binay also filed a resolution for the Senate to investigate such anomalies. Marcos himself is very thankful of that. There is actually another reason to destroy the Du30-Marcos-Binay alliance. The President by law can’t have a hand in the protest. He can only appoint Supreme Court magistrates.


[VIDEO]: October 18, 2018 – JBC public panel interview for the position of Supreme Court Associate Justice

Constitutional Supreme Court Process

Pursuant to Section 2, Rule 7 of the Revised Rules of the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC), a public panel interview was conducted on 18 October 2018at the Division Hearing Room, Supreme Court Main Building of the following candidates for the position of SC Associate Justice (vice Hon. Teresita J. Leonardo-De Castro):

1. JIMENO, Rita Linda V.
2. QUIROZ, Alex D.L.

The following are also candidates for the said judicial position, but whose previous interviews are still valid:
1. BADELLES, Oscar V.
2. BARRIOS, Manuel M.
3. BRUSELAS, Apolinario D., Jr.
4. CARANDANG, Rosmari D.
5. CRUZ, Stephen C. 11. VILLANUEVA, Cesar L.
6. DELOS SANTOS, Edgardo L.
7. DIMAAMPAO, Japar B.
8. GARCIA, Ramon D.R.

Seniority or Alliance Challenge for President Du30

As per the rule, at least 3 candidates must be nominated according to the seniority culture of the SC. Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio has accepted his automatic nomination for the Chief Justice post. He has been at the Supreme Court since October 2001, is the first appointee of former President, now Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. He is the third candidate to accept his nomination – first was Associate Justice Lucas Bersamin, followed by Associate Justice Diosdado Peralta. However, he opposed the ouster of the anti-administration CJ Maria Lourdes-Sereno. Carpio’s nomination will determine if Du30 will stay true to his word that seniority was his biggest factor in appointing De Castro, according to the yellow media. However, rejecting him would also make his alliance with Bongbong Marcos stronger who’s electoral protest against the presumptive VP, Leni Robredo is still pending with the slow manual recount of the pioneer areas.

Du30’s Supreme Court Appointees

After 4 previous appointments to the High Court in 2017 – Samuel Martires (March 2, 2017), Noel Tijam (March 8, 2017), Andres Reyes (July 13, 2017), and Alexander Gesmundo (August 14, 2017). Du30 is filling up 4 more vacancies by the end of 2018. An additional 5 by the end of 2019 are also at stake. It will be a Du30-packed court by the time the President ends his term in 2022. Of the 15 sitting SC justices by then, a total of 13 would be his appointees. If the VP electoral protest ruling happens in 2019, 9 out of 15 is already a majority.

The Binay vs. Binay in Makati is Part of Democracy

The former Vice President Jejomar Binay will not choose whom to support as Mayor of Makati between his two children this coming 2019 midterm polls. He said that he will leave it to the voters whom they will choose as their local leader. While the yellow media are feasting over this issue, the Binay patriarch is certain that one of his children will win. He is not only democratic during elections but also as a father. Despite the divided votes, they still have the majority. That’s how strong the political supporters of the Binays are. So, the question of why Senator Binay won in the first place is not logical. Her alliance with Gov. Imee Marcos works both ways. Remember that one voter won’t vote only for one Senator but 12. The new constitution dictates that 12 senators would be elected every three years.

Du30-Marcos Alliance is Formidable

The President who is an incumbent and former senator Marcos who was denied his rightful place to become an incumbent is are still hanging on. However, emerging alliance between Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos and Davao City Mayor Sara Du30-Carpio is sending the yellow supporters sleepless nights. An alliance between a Du30 and a Marcos is already naturally proven to be formidable. It has a constituency that is real and not just imagined. So, if one is really a Marcos loyalist, he or she won’t ride on to the yellow’s black propaganda to destroy the Du30-Marcos-Binay alliance for the governor to be the number one Senator.