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Robredo can Only Pray that Bongbong Marcos Runs for Senator in 2019 Election


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo has some rests now that social media shifts its attention to the martial law. Nevertheless, it’s still a fact that she needs more money to defend herself against Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest. At the rate, it is going the recount can only be stopped if he runs as senator for the 2019 election. This shows his disinterest to pursue the case.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: The Vice President in question guesses her plight that she will be buried in debts due to Bongbong Marcos’ election protest against her. in fact, according to her newly released SALN, she’s getting broke.

Marcos’ Consequence

If Marcos wins a senatorial seat. In assuming the office of Senator, he effectively abandons or withdraws the protest. At the very least, he abandons his determination to protect and pursue the public interest. That involves the matter of who is the real choice of the electorate. Such abandonment or withdrawal operates to render moot the instant protest.

On to the Recount

The unfortunate thing for Robredo is, the preliminary conference for the protest is already set in motion on June 21. The major issue in the petition is the recount of the votes from three questionable areas that Marcos submits to the Supreme Court five days before the prelim.

Expedite the Process

The camp of Marcos refutes the claim of Vice President Leni Robredo’s lawyer that his request for the Supreme Court (SC) to assign hearing officers on his poll protest was “premature” and “impractical.” Marcos seeks for at least three hearing officers for the three issues that he wants to be resolved by the tribunal. This is a move that his lawyer George Garcia encountered in the past.

Logic of Time

The delaying tactics of Robredo’s camp are very crucial to the result of the electoral protest. It can bring difficulty for Marcos to plan his political career. This can be the reason why his lawyer comes up with strategies to finish the recount in one-and-a-half years. This can be very timely for the senatorial race in 2019.

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Solo Parents Group would Rather work with Senator Sotto than Bash


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Solo Parents Group urges people to stop bashing Senator Tito Sotto. It is best for government officials to start working on giving more benefits to single parents instead. They criticize groups who are too sensitive to the senator’s remarks during the CA hearing of Social Welfare Secretary of Judy Taguiwalo when he really meant no harm.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Solo Parents Group urges people to stop bashing Senator Tito Sotto and instead asks lawmakers to look into giving benefits to citizens like them.

More Benefits

The leader of the Solo  Parents Group said that there’s no point to bash Sotto through social media and waste time in because it cannot solve the difficulties of single parents. They have to work alone for the welfare of the children. She stresses that most single parents are female, belong to poor communities, and struggling for a decent livelihood that can generate enough income for the whole family. It is much better to have a dialogue with lawmakers how they can help in easing their burden.

Blessing in Disguise

The senator welcomes the group’s practical approach. He just takes the social media bashing lightly now because his joke seems like a blessing in disguise. They now talk about measures that could benefit single parents. Instead of throwing mud at each other, they opt to work together to reach solutions for the welfare of solo parents.

Possible Benefits

Aside from the daily needs, families of single parents would also need assistance in the areas of education, medical care, and perhaps discounts from selected commodities. Sotto said that if they can lower the price for senior citizens, they should do also for single parents.

Champion for Solo Parents Act

Sotto assures the group that he would push for the passage of amendments to Republic Act No. 8972, or the Solo Parents Welfare Act of 2000. The bill is hanging for around 17 years.  FSPL president Carina Javier said the group could have confronted Sotto he already apologized to Taguiwalo and that the secretary accepted it. They think that they do not have the right to make a big fuzz out of it unlike other groups.

Why is Senator Tito Sotto’s Sorry on Single Parent Joke Not Enough? Are you…

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Why is Senator Tito Sotto’s Sorry on Single Parent Joke Not Enough? Are you…


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Senator Tito Sotto may have chosen the wrong words just to break the ice in the confirmation hearing of Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwalo. In fairness to Senator Sotto, he has said sorry for the single parent joke and Taguiwalo herself accepted it and urge people not to make a big deal out it. Not unless dirty-mindedness already takes over social graces.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Single mothers are “na-ano lang” (just got knocked up). Tito Sotto made this remark as he grilled DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo, a solo parent, during her confirmation hearing.

Dirty Minded

One can only be offended by Sotto’s remark if he or she allows himself or herself to give a dirty meaning on what Sotto said. He said in Tagalog referring to the status of Taguiwalo as a solo parent; Na-ano lang! Which means; Just got ____. “Ano” is a blank word – but many assume it as “just got laid” or sexed up. This is why despite the apology, most people just can’t get over it.

Street Term

It might be inappropriate for the senator to utter those words in that particular setting – but detractors should know where he’s coming from. Despite his high status in society, he remains close to the masses. In Eat Bulaga during their “Kalye Serye” portion, they are inclined to merge with real people from different communities. This is just a bit of his routine. Even if he is in Cebu, his family’s hometown, he is definitely a community-oriented person. It is not surprising that he can forget where he is and speak the street language because it is already part of his normal life.

Open Minded

If what he said is analyzed with an open mind, it is not offensive. What if he meant, just annulled, just widowed, or just decided to be a solo parent then, shame on to his accusers. The charges will not even stand in court for libel or to humiliate someone, let alone a single parent by choice like what his daughter, Ciara decided to be after separating from her husband who allegedly cheated on her.

Called by Names

Sotto never called anyone names – but his detractors are calling him names that hurt not only his children but people who know him well. Sharon Cuneta now Pangilinan, his niece even apologized on his behalf who was once a single parent after she separates from her first husband, Gabby Concepcion. This should already assure everyone that Sotto does not mean any harm to single parents.

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The Most Vocal Liberal Party Senator Dismayed over Gina Lopez’s CA Rejection


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The most vocal Liberal Party senator, Senator Leila de Lima never gave the president credit for anything. But when it comes to Gina Lopez as DENR Secretary, she admits that he chose the right woman for the job. She is obviously dismayed saying that it was too bad that Du30 was unable to keep Lopez in the DENR post.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Most Liberal Party Senators voted for Gina Lopez as DENR Secretary but were outnumbered.

Liberal Party’s Bet

Senator Franklin Drilon echoed the sentiments of Senator de Lima and also discloses that he and most Liberal Party senators voted in favor of Lopez. It is just unfortunate that they do not have enough number for her to be confirmed as DENR Secretary.

Not Surprised

De Lima said that She cannot say that she is surprised.  These days, it isn’t any more surprising to see men and women of the strongest conviction—who have the moral courage to stand up for what is right be rejected, she said. They can be undermined and even be subjected to unfair attacks by a method run by vested interests, she added.

System Failure

The senator is convinced that there are forces in the government that even the president cannot risk undermining. In spite of all his threats the destruction of the environment by mining companies, he can do nothing to install a passionate DENR chief. She assures Lopez that it was not her failure but the system malfunction.

LP Votes

Aside from Drilon, most Liberal Party senators also voted for Lopez. Kiko Pangilinan, Ralph Recto, and Bam Aquino admit to it. Other names are not known unless they divulge it themselves. This is allowed according to the confidentiality rule that takes away pressure from CA committee members to vote according to their conscience.