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Binay Public Service: Serbisyong Tunay Foundation

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Why do you think that Makati residents are the most privileged Filipinos? It’s not because of the commercial buildings by Ayala Construction only – but most of all the Public Service that Vice President Jejomar Binay initiated and carried out by his family up to this date.

If you are not familiar with STF Serbisyong Tunay Foundation, Inc., here are the privileges of Makati residents who qualify for STF membership:
– Funeral Assistance: Max P15,000
– Burial Financial Assistance: Max P5,000
– Personal Accident Medical Reimbursement: Max P5,000
– Unprovoked Murder & Dismemberment Package: Max P20,000
– Free child birth procedure at the baranggay lying in center: Max P2,500

Makati residents who have more money than others or think they they deserve better might be looking for something more – but take the perspective of the majority of Filipinos who can never set aside money for emergency purposes. The benefits listed above can really appease the minds of residents and they know that when the worse comes to worst, they will be taken cared of until the end of time. These benefits existed only in Makati because of Vice President Jejomar Binay, our President for 2016.

Image Source: SKED Search