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Bongbong Marcos Hints Substitution Strategy for his VP and Methods to Prevent Cheating like in 2016


By: Elena Grace Flores

By: Elena Grace Flores

Back to the Original Strategy

Bongbong Marcos admits that they have to revert to the original strategy for his VP. This is after the many scenarios that have happened. They continue to weigh in the pulse of the people. A substitution may happen with Senator Bong Go’s candidacy. There must be unity in both the north and the south slates. An assurance not to give a chance to the opposition regardless of their color.

Marcos-Duterte Plan

It could only be Marcos-Duterte tandem to merge voters from the north and the south. Nevertheless, President Rodrigo Duterte or his daughter can be adopted by the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas. In fact, the PFP already seeks an alliance with Mayor Sara’s Hugpong ng Pagbabago. Easier yet, the PFP is already a support party of the Filipino leader. So, any strategy can be possible until November 15.

Anti-Cheating Methods in Place

The 2016 election gives Bongbong Marcos’ camp a comprehensive edge. This is on how to prevent cheating. They already have IT experts on standby. The technical guys can examine discrepancies. Then, analyze the behavior of the results of the voting machines. This is possible through data analysis. They also anticipated the opposition’s possible cheating strategy. Marcos is confident that the elections can be fair. Despite the candidacy of his staunch rival in 2016 which didn’t surprise him.

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Political Analysts Condemn the Last-Minute Strategy for 2022 Elections


By: Elena Grace Flores
by ANC 24/7

Politicians urged to formally announce candidacy for 2022 polls
Political analysts call on those who want to run for the top positions. This is for the 2022 national elections. They said that they must announce their candidacies formally already because it’s only 4 months more to go before the filing. They said that there is a downside to the last-minute strategy. That means if they win, they are not ready for the important position.

Inday Sara’s Advantage

Analysts say that of all the possible candidates of the administration, the presidential daughter has the advantage. She has the machinery of her father. Plus the support of his followers. However, she might run in tandem with Bongbong Marcos. There is no hint yet on who’s running for what.

Bad Time for the Opposition

Among the 1Sambayan nominees, only Former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo, are still interested. The rest knew that they have no chance to win. So, they refused the nomination almost immediately. Whereas President Rodrigo Roa Duterte continues to float names for his endorsement. His strategy is to confuse the enemies. But lately, he said that he will stick to his word since 2016. That can only be Bongbong Marcos.

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The Marcoses are Quiet Over Yellow to Blue Strategy of Roxas but NOT Kris Aquino

By: Elena Grace Flores

The blame game is on the Liberal Party faction now that it has become very obvious that their Otso Diretso slate is getting absolutely unpopular. Mar Roxas has to change strategy. Kris Aquino hit out at the camp of Roxas over comments supposedly blaming her brother, former President Benigno Aquino III, for the Liberal Party standard-bearer’s loss in the 2016 presidential race. Bongbong Marcos was the focus of ex-Pnoy’s blocking promise from the VP post. Thus neglecting now President Rodrigo Du30’s victory over Roxas during the 2016 elections.

YouTube video byGMA News

[VIDEO]: Kris Aquino hits Roxas camp over ‘Batman-Robin’ quip involving Noy.

Aquino Cold War

Actress, Kris Aquino and her brother ex-President Noy are not on speaking terms currently. The rift was only about a social media post of the youngest sibling of the Aquino family saying that she knows why Du30 won in the 2016 elections over Roxas.

Roxas’ Reaction

Roxas is in denial over the LP feud. He said that maybe their political enemies are only looking for a big scoop to destroy them. He clarifies that there’s no misunderstanding at all between Noy and him despite Kris’ rants.

Yellow to Blue Strategy

Edgar Erice, Roxas’ campaign manager, said they decided on the color blue for his 2019 senatorial bid.”It was a conscious decision to change colors because one mistake that Roxas made in 2016 was acting like Robin to Aquino or the Batman. Robin will never be Batman,” Erice said, referring to the superhero duo of DC Comics.

Kris Aquino’s Rants on the Strategy

Kris, who is on social media, said that she has to speak up about the issue. “Really – to blame his loss on my brother? So, was it Noy’s fault that he lost in 2010 as well?” Kris said, referring to Roxas’ defeat in the 2010 vice presidential race.

Who is Silent or Decent?

Kris added that though we have a rift, when people disrespect my brother because he is decent and will just stay silent – they will read our truth. Does Kris really know what her brother did to Bongbong Marcos or to the Marcoses at that? She better know by now who keeps quiet because of his decency. Then, the truth will set her free.