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Impounding Stray Dogs is Legal

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Stray dog
Stray dog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If one day, you’ll find your dog missing – and there’s no dead body around, try checking your local government and see if your dog is one of the stray dogs caught and taken to the pound earlier. You see, if a dog – with or without an owner is seen roaming around public places without a leash, it is immediately considered a stray dog. Be aware and don’t miss reading this:



Owners whose pets were caught roaming the streets or public places should claim their pets immediately. The holding period of dogs in the pound vary depending on the city ordinance (from 24 hours to 3 days to 1 week). Dogs that are not claimed within the holding period are supposed to be humanely euthanized (for animal population control – as stated in RA8485 The Animal Welfare Act), but we’ve heard from concerned citizens that this is not always the case.

It is cruel to your neighbors allowing your dog to mess around their property or their path ways – just because you can’t be a responsible owner. If paying the fine just to take back your dog is too high a price for you, then you have no right to own a pet. Note that euthanasia is often the remedy for the government to control the increase of these unwanted animals. Your dog is better left dead than let other people die of heart attack because of your dog’s loitering around! Cruel but true and this goes with cats too.

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Problem with Stray Dogs is Not a Joke

By: Elena Grace Flores

dog (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

The animal welfare society might have something to say about stray dog management but the reality is, even if euthanasia and dog slaughter are acceptable in some cultures – this situation is getting out of hand. Dogs can be seen in various communities fighting for food to stay alive. Exposing mankind to danger and diseases. Read this:

Reducing the burden of stray dogs in societyReducing the burden of stray dogs in society


The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that globally the dog population is 1/10 that of the human population, of which 75% are regarded as “strays”.

The problems caused in terms of disease and injury to humans, their livestock and pets, as well as general nuisance has traditionally led authorities to adopt mass slaughter programmes. These are often inhumane and have shown to be ineffective.

Some countries might be able to tolerate mass killings of these animals – but what about the dog lovers? Despite the struggle on what’s the best thing to do, it all boils down to – numerous dogs cannot be taken cared of by humans anymore and there’s no ideal place for them left at all due to modernization. Therefore, it is important to neuter them because population control can make both the lives of humans and dogs more manageable.

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