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Remedy for Extreme Political Tensions?: Masturbate to Release Stress and Prevent Diseases


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It’s not only the lawmakers who are currently under stressful circumstances now but also the public because of the political differences in congress and the senate. Issues like the death penalty, Davao death squad, and various corruptions uncovered are very negative. Positive vibes are needed. It may be a sensitive matter to talk about masturbation but if it helps then more people should know about its benefits contrary to the myths that we already know.

Youtube video by;  CalExotics
[VIDEO]: CalExotics Expert Sexpert Dr. Mike answers your burning question: Is masturbation good or bad?

Benefits for Women

Masturbation for women can help prevent cervical infections and urinary tract infections through the cervix entrance that is part of the arousal process. It’s called “tenting”- the process of cervix stretch that releases the cervical mucous. This enhances fluid circulation that allows bacteria-contaminated cervical fluids to be flushed out. Masturbation can also lower risk of type-2 diabetes. It reduces insomnia after a hormonal and tension release. On top of that, it increases pelvic floor strength from contractions during orgasm.

Benefits for Men

Masturbation for men helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer. It allows the chance to flush out potential cancer-causing agents. Masturbation also strengthens the immune system because of the rise of cortisol levels. It also reduces depression because by doing so, an amount of endorphins in the bloodstream increases. Sexually transmitted infections or STIs are avoided through self-love. To maximize orgasms is not a problem. It reduces stress, reduces blood pressure, increases self-esteem, and reduces pain.

Mutual Benefits for Partners

There’s no risk of pregnancy or transmission of sexually transmitted infections for regular couples. Can avoid disappointments and performance anxiety due to the no emotional baggage act. In fact, two partners who pleasure themselves in the company of the other is a great and safe activity to incorporate into their sex life. They can learn about each other’s wants by demonstrating it.

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When is Excessive Masturbation Harmful?

When one develops masturbation addiction or would only want to masturbate as a priority over family, morality, responsibility, and society that leads to failed relationships then the affected must seek medical or professional help at once.

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Avoid Financial Stresses for Good Health


By: Gemma Lagasca


Financial StressesTaking care of your finances by not going overboard with spending will keep you safe from stresses. Financial crisis is evident in the world today. Simple living and proper management are crucial to be financially stable. Beware of the bad habits to protect yourself from one of the major causes of diseases – to be able to nurture your health, sanity and well-being without paying a single penny:

  1. Sleeplessness due to too much thinking on how to earn more money and how to spend it can drain you out. Not knowing where to get money to meet your monthly dues will not give you peace of mind. Lack of sleep can lead to mood swings, irritability and sickness. You are most likely to experience anxieties, frustrations and depressions if you have lots of debts. Never allow this to happen by not indulging into a luxurious lifestyle at the slightest increase of salary or profit – since the economy is fluctuating.
  2. Binge-eating, drinking too much alcohol and smoking to make yourself feel good when bothered financially will only make your situation worst. They willnot only gradually tear your life apart but will also make your future miserable.
  3. Saving on health check-ups is a sign of being desperate with money. Unfortunately,this will even make a small problem becomes bigger. Undetected conditions may lead to serious diseases. You can lose every penny you’ve got and your life if you take your health for granted.

Here’s what you should be doing:

  • Live simply. Set your mind to live within your limit. Living this way doesn’t have to be sad and dull. If you are always considering your financial capacity, you can think of some simple things that will make you and your family happy without splurging money you don’t have. Appreciating the small things in life is the key to a stress-free life.
  • Create a monthly budget diary. It is important to have a record of your fix monthly needs to do the actual budgeting. List down all your basic necessities and do your own math. This way, you can easily determine where the money goes.
  • Save first before spending. Once you have received your pay check, go directly to your bank and save at least a portion of it. Deposit 10% of your earnings every month into your savings account and at least 1% for emergency fund. This method is very effective in securing your future and in protecting yourself in times of emergency. What’s left with money on hand will go to the expenses for your daily living like basic necessities, allowances and bills.
  • Save for your retirement plan. A good retirement plan will make you live comfortably during your golden years. The earlier you save, the better. The advantage of getting interests from your accumulated savings annually is the possibility of creating wealth in the future. When you retire, your needs will be supported by your own investments.
  • Avoid debts. Having debts is a clear indication that you are not living within your financial capacity. Use cash every time you purchase to alarm you of your limits. Keep track of your cash-flow status by not using credit cards.

The ailing economy is enough reason for us to be conscious of our financial situation. There’s really no need to spend for extravagant recreations to be relaxed. You can actually afford to have a worry-free life by being wise with money. Save, be aware of the things around you and cherish your relationships.

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Prevent Stress by Changing the Way You React to Circumstances


By: Gynn Flores


StressStress is the number one cause of diseases nowadays. Many dreaded diseases are acquired because of this. It comes as a surprise that even if there is no trace of such disease in your family, one can be afflicted with it. Our bodies have the ability to cope with stress but there are limitations. You also need to help your natural defenses to fight it.

Identify the causes of stress. Do not just ignore and never be contented to live with it. These are some common causes:

  • Work related problems
  • Family issues and misunderstandings
  • Conflicts
  • Pressures
  • Financial difficulties
  • Sickness
  • Nervousness and fear
  • Failed or unhealthy relationships
  • Alcoholism

Develop a positive attitude in dealing with the many causes of stress. The following will be helpful:

  • Maintain an open communication with the people around you. Sometimes, problems are easily solved when you talk about them. There is no point keeping things to yourself and suffer unnecessarily.
  • Seek for the advice and opinions of elders and resource persons. They may have already encountered the same situation in the past and learning from them may solve the problem easily. Prolonging the agony can be avoided.
  • Live within your means. Splurging when you really cannot afford it can only make you incur debts which can lead to financial difficulties. When you are heavily indebted, you definitely have a stressful life. Live simply and avoid unnecessary expenses. As much as possible, save for the rainy days. Look for other options to earn if what you do now cannot substantially provide for your needs.

  • Know how to unwind and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Accumulating wealth is good but being greedy is another thing. Give yourself a break sometimes. Having coffee and lovely conversation with friends and loved ones is highly recommended.
  • Have a holiday if you can afford it. A different atmosphere can make you explore and relax your senses. If not, then just give yourself a free day and do things you love doing like a hobby or just watch your favorite TV show or a nice movie.
  • Know how to delegate. Doing everything all by yourself and not having enough time for all the tasks can deteriorate the quality of your work.
  • Exercise and eat healthy.  Nothing beats a sound mind and a healthy body.  It keeps you away from any diseases and makes you feel good. Take supplements as recommended by your doctor.

Being stress free can improve the quality of your life thus making yourself healthy in the process. Yes, working hard is mandatory in these trying times but you also need to enjoy and give yourself a break once in a while. Do not let the tolls of everyday life affect your relationship with your partner. If it affects your capacity to do things, seek help and know new ways modern science has to offer. It pays to be knowledgeable on what can be done to get rid of negative conditions.

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