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7-M Pesos Amassed by Robredo Supporters Questioned after Supreme Court Disapproval

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Netizens can’t help but wonder what happens now with the money collected by Leni Robredo’s supporters. They amassed P7 million for the second payment of her counter-protest against Bongbong Marcos. The Piso Para sa Laban ni Leni campaign said it was only short of P400,000 to reach its P7.4 million target as mainstream media reported. However, The Supreme Court that sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), rejected the petition. There’s no news yet on the outcome of their motion for reconsideration.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: The Supreme Court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, rejects the petition of VP Leni Robredo’s supporters. This is to help pay the remaining fee for the election protest filed against her.

Piso Contribution

Robredo’s supporters disclose that every peso is a contribution of the Filipino voter. A tricycle driver, OFW, housewife, laborer, artist, entrepreneur, and industry leader allegedly spared a Piso to protect his or her vote.  Former human rights commissioner Paulynn Sicam said this. Therefore, every peso is answerable as well since the law does not allow their illegal campaign.


The recount of the 2016 vice presidential votes is about to begin mid-August after the Supreme Court decides to push through with Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against Robredo. It is nevertheless obvious that the issue is buried amidst the Comelec Chair’s fiasco. This is after his wife squeals of ill-gotten wealth while trying to determine her fair legal share of his net worth.

Must not Receive Gifts

Presidential Decree No. 46 prohibits public officials from receiving gifts or any other valuable thing. This is on any occasion when the gift is given because of an official’s position. Regardless of whether or not the gift is given for past favors.  As well as to expect a favor in return or better treatment in the future.

Lawful Ruling

The same rule against such campaign is stated in Republic Act No. 6713. This specifies that unacceptable gifts include those with a value that “is neither nominal nor insignificant.” It is noted that most Liberal Party fanatics from the Comelec Chair’s brother to the “Piso” group members do not adhere to the law. This is evident in their actions. Perhaps, one reason why they are the subject of government scrutiny ever since the Marcos era. Then, they have the nerve to retaliate that they are the victims when it is otherwise.

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Ombudsman Turns to Honasan as SC Bars LP from Marcos-Robredo Protest


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Selective Justice of the previous LP administration continues through the Ombudsman. This is the perception of the public when Conchita Carpio-Morales orders the arrest of Senator Gringo Honasan. The avid Bongbong Marcos is bound to join Senators Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla, and Juan Ponce Enrile over the PDAF scam anomaly. At the same time, the Supreme Court bars VP Leni Robredo’s supporters to help her in paying her balance for her counter-protest against Marcos.

Youtube Video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: The Office of the Ombudsman charges Senator Gringo Honasan with graft Tuesday over the diversion of his pork barrel or priority development assistance fund.

Supreme Court Decision

The Supreme Court that sits as PET rejects the petition of Vice President Leni Robredo’s supporters. They asked SC to allow them to help pay the remaining fee for the election protest. The Piso Para sa Laban ni Leni members are disappointed with the High Court’s decision.

Cannot Accept

Robredo’s supporters cannot accept the SC ruling. “We shall set forth arguments not previously raised and build on points already stated in the petition,” he added. Presidential Decree No. 46 prohibits public officials from receiving gifts or any other valuable thing on any occasion when the gift is given because of an official’s position. This is regardless of whether or not the gift is given for past favors, or if the giver is expecting to receive a favor or better treatment in the future.

Ombudsman Turns to Honasan

The Sandiganbayan earlier issued the Senator a warrant of arrest over the alleged misuse of his P29.1-million Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel in 2012. This follows the Office of the Ombudsman’s filing of the case against the senator and his co-accused on August 1. Honasan may post bail once arrested. At this time of writing, he already surrendered to the PNP.

Honasan is Innocent

Honasan denies the allegations. He said that he is “completely innocent of the charges” against him. “All my life I have fought everything I am accused of, and I will continue to do so,” he declared. Honasan faces two counts of graft for violating Republic Act 3019 or the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act. This is for “giving any private party any unwarranted benefits, advantage or preference in the discharge of his official administrative or judicial functions through manifest partiality, evident bad faith or gross inexcusable negligence.”

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Bongbong Marcos is Confident on Revision of Election Votes after Recount


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos is confident that the retrieval of ballots and other relevant election paraphernalia can lead to an immediate revision of votes by October. This is if the recount can start middle of August. On the other hand, Robredo’s camp insists that the PET must first resolve the issue on the digital election integrity. This is the first part of Marcos’ electoral protest.

Youtube video by; News5Everywhere
[VIDEO]: Ipinapa-manual recount ng magkabilang panig ang ilang probinsya na walang bumoto para kina VP Leni Robredo at ex-Sen. Bongbong Marcos.

Quiet August

Marcos supporters are already asking for updates on the electoral protest as soon as August starts. However, the Marcos camp expects the Supreme Court to start the recount by mid-August. The retrieval of ballot boxes from Marcos’ key provinces was already requested upon paying in full.

Limit Witnesses

The PET directed both camps to submit their respective comments, within 5 days, on issues that the tribunal identified in connection with Marcos’ and Robredo’s respective poll protests. This includes limiting their witnesses to three per precinct. By now, both camps must have shortlisted their witnesses already.

Recount Preparation

Marcos thanked the Supreme Court for the actions it has taken to fast-track the recount process. He expressed his faith in the tribunal. Earlier, the PET assigned a panel of justices to assist in the recount as suggested by Marcos. The venue of the process is already determined and equipped with the necessary fixtures. The basketball court will serve as the center for the activity.

October Revision of Election Votes

Marcos’ lead counsel, George Garcia, said he sees no need to contest or oppose the motion of Robredo to resolve the integrity issue first. He just hoped that the revision of votes would begin in October. If this is undertaken, results can be known already by February – at least for their camp’s pilot areas: Negros Oriental, Camarines Sur, and Iloilo provinces.

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Congress Theater Show: Fariñas, the Villain – Imee Marcos, the Star (The Rest are Extras)


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

In 2019 Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos cannot run anymore for another term as governor. Rep. Rudy Fariñas’ stint in the Congress also ends in the same year. They are both grooming their children to follow in their footsteps. This is one of the theories behind the Ilocos 6 drama. It’s all for the show.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Imee Marcos, humarap sa pagdinig kaugnay ng umano’y maanomalyang paggamit ng tobacco excise tax fund

Preview Thrill

The “power of Congress” to summon witnesses were highlighted. If Gov. Marcos did not attend the hearing, the drama can take a different twist. Had she not retracted her allegedly libelous statement about a P100-million bribe from the yellow faction to incriminate her, the committee would have been “forced” to detain the seven of them until 2019, just right in time “when the next Congress is elected.”

Congress Chow Characters

Personalities have nothing to do with the issue. It dismisses the notion that the practice of politics is manifested for the people, by the people, for their entertainment, education or miseducation. This is much like show biz. The difference is that in the real world, there are only stars and the rest are extras. In this case, Gov. Imee Marcos with her grace and wit emerged as the star. Fariñas’ was the villain.

The Spice of the Story

Atty. Juan Ponce Enrile as Imee’s counsel serves as the added spice of the story. Enrile was accused of betraying the late Ferdinand Marcos which he denied. The Court of Appeals ruled to release the detainees. The speaker of the House vowed to abolish that court. The CA is not the venue for this case, the congressmen complained, “they should go to the Supreme Court.” Thus the reason of the pending Writ of Amparo case to protest the violation of the House against the Ilocos 6’s rights to liberty.

Aftermath of the Drama

Atty. Enrile, who has never lost a case said as the drama continues to unfold away from the Congress that the case can only be taken up by the court aside from the pending plea at the SC. Therefore, the drama seems to end there.

Political theater

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Bongbong Marcos Asks Supreme Court to Start the Recount Now

supreme court

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos in an interview said that the recount must start immediately if Leni Robredo has nothing to hide. This follows the mandate of the Supreme Court to resolve the election protest swiftly without unnecessary delay. On the other hand, Robredo’s supporter has yet to complete her balance for the counter-protest fee.

Youtube Video by; Eagle News

[VIDEO]: Robredo should agree with recount if she has nothing to hide, Marcos tells Supreme Court

No More Delay

Marcos stresses a large number of undervotes in his protest. He urges the Supreme Court to start the recount in the 3 pilot provinces; Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental. Right after he has paid in full during the Preliminary Conference, he requests the retrieval of the ballot boxes from the identified precincts.

Motion for Reconsideration

Robredo’s motion consideration is already set aside by the PET after deciding for the recount instead of dealing with the first part of Marcos’ protest that questions the integrity of the entire election. Marcos only contested the VP post so might as well resolve that through the immediate recount.

Comelec is Set Aside

The first part of Marcos’ petition is the Automated Election System or AES that raises why Comelec decides on Smartmatic for the digital election. The “traditional” modes of cheating like vote buying, pre-shading, intimidation and failure of elections are the issues for the second part. The third part focuses on the introduction by Smartmatic’s Marlon Garcia of the new hash code into the transparency server.

Robredo’s Supporters Carry the Burden

Robredo’s supporters; social welfare secretary Corazon Soliman, former human rights commissioner Paulynn Sicam, former Bases Conversion, and Development Authority board director Zorayda Amelia Alonzo, award-winning singer Celeste Legaspi-Gallardo, Ateneo de Manila University Press director Karina Bolasco, and Museong Pambata founder Nina Lim-Yuson announced that they have raised 6M Pesos already out of the 7M balance of Robredo for the counter protest. The Supreme Court tends to be lenient to Robredo on monetary issues than Marcos.

Piso for Robredo Revived for Supreme Court Approval vs Bongbong Marcos