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Robredo Finds Social Media Irresponsible for Marawi News

social media

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

VP Leni Robredo shows her indifference with social media sentiments when she said that wrong information comes out from there regarding the Marawi incident. Many would disagree with her, because, the very first posts visible there are video footages of the actual events.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: VP Leni Robredo attacks social media anew saying that there are news about the martial law declaration in Mindanao that are not true.

Terrorism in Marawi

Leni Robredo echoes the call for authorities to conduct an investigation into the incident. She also repeats the pleas of the police for Marawi residents not to loiter or go out of their house. They are more vulnerable if they stay in groups, she said.

Terror Attacks

Houses set on fire. Terrorists take over one city jail. They bombed the National Grid Corporation Tower in Lanao del Sur. Journalists are also attacked by armed men. This is terrorism aside from rebellion which is enough reason for the president to declare martial law. The VP is, however, hesitant to agree or disagree with the leader’s decision.

Social Media Critic

Robredo is very critical of social media. This is after she fails to make it work for her. There are just too many people who hate her. They all resort to social media because they cannot rely anymore on the mainstream media. It’s like taking the matter into their own hands that she detests.

Responsible Posting

It is not certain what Robredo is referring to when she said that misinformation scatters through social media anew. Was it about Bam Aquino’s alleged visit in Marawi shortly before the incident? Can it be about the martial law declaration? Since she clarifies that there’s no official notice yet and even the PNP is still waiting for it.

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US-Russia Debate: The US Missile Strikes in Syria Help Stop or Encourage Terrorism?

US missile strikes

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The world is so confused with the Syrian war. The US who has been supporting the rebels against President Bashar al-Assad contrary to the campaign pronouncement of the current US president just did a direct military engagement using missiles – but more strikes will be coming to disable the Russian-backed government. Russia blames the US for encouraging terrorists with its drastic actions.

Youtube video by; BBC News
[VIDEO]: The US has carried out a missile strike against a Syrian air base in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town. Fifty-nine Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired from two US Navy ships in the Mediterranean. At least six people are reported to have been killed. It is the first direct US military action against forces commanded by Syria’s president.

Russia’s Counter Move

Moscow assures Assad’s regime to strengthen Syria’s anti-aircraft defenses. It also closes down a hotline with the US to avoid collisions between their air forces over Syria.

More Deaths

Six military men were killed in the US missile strikes earlier this week. US officials claimed that the base was used to launch the chemical weapon that killed dozens of helpless civilians. Idlib’s opposition-run health authority said that 89 people, including 33 children and 18 women, died in the Salin attack in the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun. Syria denies America’s accusation.

More Missile Attacks

US envoy Nikki Haley told the UN Security Council that America move is to ensure that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would never use chemical weapons again. They are prepared to do more if necessary, she said. The Americans consider their act as vital to their national security interest by eliminating such weapons.

Dangerous Claims

Haley blames Iran and Russia for supporting the Syrian government saying that to strengthen Assad can only lead to more murders. Russia’s deputy ambassador to the UN, Vladimir Safronkov, called the US strikes as “illegitimate”. Now, who are telling the truth? In the Philippines International bodies condemned the Filipino president accusing him of extra-judicial killings while Filipinos support the strong political will of their president to stop crimes. No wonder it’s confusing. World aassociations can be wrong.