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Have a Glimpse of the People behind PBBM’s Success who are his Insurance to do Well


By: Elena Grace Flores

Viral Celebrity
[VIDEO]: Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga SPOTTED in the Proclamation of PBBM.

PBBM’s Insurance for Success

PBBM’s insurance of success are the people behind him all throughout his campaign. They endure decades of criticisms and accusations. But they appeared unalarmed. For as long as they know the truth, they are defending a rightful leader. And it pays off.

Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano

This talented couple had made lots of sacrifices for PBBM. They put their careers at risk. But the more their talents got recognized when they stood their ground. When others cancelled famous personalities like them, their insurance lies in their passion and beliefs in the new President of the Philippines.

The First Family

The new first family includes the original. Former First Lady Imelda Marcos can’t skip the proclamation of his son as the 17th President of the Philippines. At 92, she managed to climb up the stage with a warm heart. After all, for her, the realization of her dreams is the way for Filipinos to have better lives. Kudos to the president’s wife, First Lady Liza, and their 3 sons who gave their all during the campaign period.

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Can Anyone Do it Like Toni Gonzaga when it Comes to Bongbong Marcos?

Toni Gonzaga

By: Elena Grace Flores



The Presidential Belief of Toni Gonzaga

It must be hard for Toni Gonzaga working at ABS-CBN despite having her family’s heart to Bongbong Marcos. However, she did it professionally. She is finally free after hosting the BBM-Sara Uniteam proclamation rally. Nonetheless, Senatorial bet Mark Villar tweets that they are behind her 100%.

The Villars are 100% Behind Her

The Villars acquired ABS-CBN’s 2 channels. Toni Gonzaga can easily become one of their media’s foundations. This opportunity came really handy for the station and the talent. This is definitely not a coincidence but nature’s reward for timely good deeds. If other ABS-CBN stars condemn her for standing her ground, the majority of Filipinos admire her for her fearless discretion.

Family Relations

Toni Gonzaga’s husband, Paul Soriano is a relative of Bongbong Marcos’ wife, Liza Araneta Marcos. This is on top of being their wedding godfather. So, even if she gets a reward, nothing can pay her sacrifices in the cancel culture against her. As she said, the biggest betrayal is for a person to cancel herself or himself. That’s true and she really has the wisdom.

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Journey with BBM from Toni Talks to the Philippine Arena


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Toni Gonzaga Host sa BBM Sara Proclamation sa Philippine Arena Bulacan

BBM Interview Controversy at Toni Talks

Toni Gonzaga received a lot of criticisms from the detractors of BBM after her interview with him at her own Toni Talks show. This opened a lot of doors for the presidential aspirant to air his side of many controversial stories. Gonzaga stood her ground and said that she does not have to explain to people why she embraced the truth that she knew all along.

Not Just as Host

Gonzaga is not just the host of the BBM-Sara Uniteam Proclamation event. Her rehearsal includes her singing the Ako ay Pilipino nationalistic song. The witnesses definitely had goosebumps in them. Her talent, aura, intelligence, and wit are just remarkable.

The Best Supporter and Player

Paul Soriano, Toni Gonzaga’s husband is often seen as the latter’s support buddy. However, he is more than that when it comes to BBM’s presidential campaign. He is also the director of some of his political advertisements for the 2022 election. Power couple indeed.

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Will Toni Gonzaga Host the BBM-Sara Proclamation at the Philippine Arena?

Toni Gonzaga

By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Toni Gonzaga and her husband are for BBM-Sara Uniteam.

Ticketed BBM-Sara Proclamation Event

The ticketed BBM-Sara proclamation launch ensures that physical distancing would be followed. Presidential bet Bongbong Marcos and Mayor Sara Duterte will kick off their campaign for the May 2022 national elections at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan on Tuesday, February 8, 4 PM. Will Toni Gonzaga be there?

Senatorial Line Up

The BBM-Sara Uniteam’s Senate bets are:
1. Juan Miguel Zubiri, Senator Sherwin Gatchalian
2. Rodante Marcoleta
3. Larry Gadon
4. Loren Legarda
5. Jinggoy Estrada
6. Mark Villar
7. Harry Roque
8. Gilbert Teodoro
9. Herbert Bautista
10. Gringo Honasan.

Toni Gonzaga as Host?

Social media posts from avid Bongbong Marcos supporters announced that the host of the event is Toni Gonzaga. Her interview with BBM became controversial recently. This drives the opponents of the BBM-Sara Uniteam crazy. Not to mention the viral Youtube video post of the brilliant talk.

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Who would watch ML victims? Good Shot that Toni Gonzaga is ignoring AM!

Toni Gonzaga

By: Elena Grace Flores
by CNN Philippines

Toni Gonzaga is more democratic than Ateneo Museum
The Ateneo Museum representative is an innocent 28 years old. Obviously, he does not know what he’s talking about. The guy can only repeat the black propaganda of his peers. He did not consider journalism ethics. He claimed to be a defender of democracy. But Toni Gonzaga is more democratic than him. Because she interviewed politicians without classifying them.

Ateneo Museum’s Rep is Lying

The AM rep talk about the alleged unfounded atrocities during Martial Law. He said that Bongbong Marcos benefits from it. Being the son of the late President Bongbong Marcos. Naturally, in the interview, he can only share his experiences with the family’s patriarch to Toni Gonzaga. Besides, what does martial law got to do with the son of the president at that time?

Mundane and Entertaining Manner

Toni Gonzaga is a professional in her own rights. She follows the concept and format of her interviews that work. Why does this inexperienced AM man sour grapes on that? Can’t he make his own show work? The statistics tell them all. Therefore, it’s time for him to learn from the smart host of Toni Talks. He should start to act mundane and entertaining. Perhaps, cut his hair too.