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Trading Deals and Not Loans with Russia under PBBM’s Terms


By: Elena Grace Flores

Sa Iyong Araw
[VIDEO]: Putin’s Offer to President Bongbong Marcos

Trading Deals

PHILIPPINE President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. is looking to pursue government-to-government deals with some of the world’s top suppliers of fertilizer such as Russia and China. He aims to boost the country’s agricultural production. Mr. Marcos told a media forum that his government is open to purchasing or trading oil and fertilizer from Russia, as the country continues to be affected by high energy prices.

Technology Future

Russian Ambassador to the Philippines Marat Pavlov meets with president-elect Bongbong Marcos. They discussed trading issues with gasoline and fertilizers. Pavlov also hints at the possibility of working together towards technological development as the two countries are forging stronger ties in economic dealings.

No Nuclear War Engagement

However, other business tycoons caution the president to be careful in the said dealings with Russia. Any action that would send the wrong message to America can put a halt in investments from the US. Nevertheless, the Filipino president is firm on the country’s independent foreign policy for the good of the people. Besides, President Marcos’ ultimate condition to Russia is to not engage in a nuclear war.

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What does America mean to PBBM as a Trading Partner?


By: Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Marcos woos investors in New York, cites ‘mutually beneficial’ investment climate in PH

America as a Trading Partner

America is the country’s 3rd largest trading partner of the Philippines. It’s unimaginable to operate without the US now and in the future, said President Bongbong Marcos. He announces in New York that the country is on its way to doing business with foreign countries.  So, it increases its scope for mutually beneficial investments.

Foreign Investment Climate

Pass legislation to lower corporate income tax rates, reduce minimum capital investments for technology transfer start-ups, and massive stimulus programs are just a few plans in the pipeline. Crisis resilience is a proven fact. The Philippines also has sufficient internal buffer shocks like the OFWs’ remittances.

Restructuring Bureaucracy and the Government

High-quality labor, sound macroeconomic fundamentals,  improved employment percentage, accelerated manufacturing activities, and most of all, trading has double-digit growth, added President Marcos. Foreign partnerships in the infrastructures and agriculture sectors are ongoing. Foreign investments are definitely welcome not just from the US but from other countries as well.

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PBBM Eyes Direct Sugar Importation to Discourage Trading Monopoly


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue
[VIDEO]: Pres. Marcos eyes direct sugar importation by food manufacturers

Trading Monopoly Solution

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. confirms the administration looks into the possibility of food producers being permitted to directly import sugar. This is to address the current situation of the sugar industry’s alleged shortage. Meaning a firm can directly buy sugar from a supplier overseas. No more trading monopoly. Each food manufacturer can have the initiative to order what they need. That should solve the problem.

Enrile’s Hoarding Theory

Prior to the direct importation plan, Presidential consultant, Juan Ponce Enrile said that the sugar business monopoly may be hoarding the products. This is alleged to show their power over the administration. With PBBM’s strategy, they are likely to be bypassed by the major consumers. The trading monopoly must stop.

Confidence in the President

A group of business people in the sugar industry expressed their confidence in the president’s capability in solving the current sugar shortage.

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Rice Trading Influenced by Bureau of Customs has Something to do with PBBM’s Handling Agriculture


By: Elena Grace Flores

Sangkay Janjan TV
[VIDEO]: Senator Sotto said that PBBM is bothered about the irregularities in the Department of Agriculture

Rice Trading Corruption

Rice trading corruption is happening in the country. This has a strong influence on the Bureau of Customs. Senator Tito Sotto is certain about this based on their investigations in the senate. This is why he’s positive that the incoming president Bongbong Marcos is handling the Department of Agriculture himself for the time being.

List of Corrupt Officials

PBBM already has the list of possibly corrupt officials from the senate.  There seems to be connivance between the Department of Agriculture and Customs. Trading rice overseas is in the form of smuggling. Not proper exports. Even the imports are questionable too.

Excellent Decision

He was disgusted with what he was hearing, Sotto said. He’s shaking his head in disbelief.  Anomalies definitely loom in the area. This is why the senator appreciates that PBBM volunteers himself to oversee the department immediately. Excellent decision, he added. A big warning to the corrupt ones indeed.  This means the new president is dead serious about his promise to lower the cost of rice at the soonest possible time.

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There’re No Trading Places with Imelda Marcos Now that she has Two Presidents in her Life


By: Elena Grace Flores

Tizoi Barrera TV

There’re No Trading Places

The proclamation of Bongbong Marcos as the 17th president of the Philippines was something that his mother, Imelda Marcos can’t miss. There’re no trading places with her on this auspicious occasion. She stood up from her wheelchair and walked beside her son. Climbed up the stage even if she has to be assisted given that she’s already 92.

Two Presidents in her Life

I have two presidents, she proudly said. Mrs. Marcos refers to her late husband, the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos and her son, Ferdinand R. Marcos. The woman wo was criticized for decades never retaliates insults. That’s why she’s blessed in the end. There’re definitely no trading places with her because she deserves the blessings.

All for his Parents

Bongbong Marcos on the other hand whispers to her. These are all for you and father. The new president of the Philippines displays his full respect to his parents with great humility. That’s because his parents lead by examples. The Filipino leader can only follow.