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US Ambassador to UN Haley: US Media Quits Liberalism Propaganda against Du30’s Drug War

drug war

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

In her United Nations speech recently, the US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley turns to the Philippines with regards to the big human rights task. Haley is on the side of President Du30 and the Philippines. She tells the UN General Assembly and international human rights organizations: “The Philippines is suffocating. We must give the Philippine the space to run his nation. We must respect their independence. It is not in our purview to decide administrative issues for the country. “That is the job of the president.”

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[VIDEO]: Right After Trump Named Kim Rocket Man, Nikki Haley Went And Silenced The Media With A HUGE Reveal

Human Rights to Work with the President on Drug War

Haley elaborated: “Destructive forces have never given the Duterte administration enough space to jump-start his programs of government; they did not even afford him the proverbial honeymoon period. Now, they have calibrated their plot to ouster movements and this is just the second year of his presidency.” She called on human rights groups (the UN’s included) to be impartial and not take political sides while dispensing their duties in any particular nation. She asked HR groups in the Philippines to engage in consultations with the Du30 government and shun political stances which may lead to a loss of relevance and credibility for the country.

Goodbye International Liberalism

The biggest boost for the Philippines in the unveiling of Trump’s new foreign policy doctrine will likely lie in its unblushing endorsement and defense of the sovereignty of nations. He espouses not only America’s return to greatness; he recognizes the sovereignty of rival powers like Russia, China, and virtually all nations. And that, of course, includes the Philippines. America under Trump is turning away from the architecture of liberal internationalism that has been dominant in international relations for so many decades, since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Du30’s Strategy is Right

President Du30 was right in steering Philippine foreign policy towards closer relations with China, Russia, the ASEAN, while taking care to forge strong relations with the US. These developments invest added significance to the coming ASEAN leaders’ summit in November, which the country will host and where the US, China, and Russia, and other major nations will be in attendance. The Philippines is destined to become a bigger player in international affairs, commensurate with its size and impressive growth.

US Media Ceases Enthusiasm for Drug War Propaganda

The hope of the opposition that human rights violations or extra-judicial killings (EJKs) will be the way to bring down the Du30 presidency may have received a mortal blow. The enthusiasm of US media for grisly stories about the drug war will fade out. There is now zero chance that the US will interrupt with the regime change in the Philippines. Tindig coalition’s effort is just a waste.

Superstar speaks: Give Duterte space to run the Philippines

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How government is guilty of violations by not stopping killings: Center for civil and human rights

Center for civil and human rights

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

President Rodrigo Duterte knows that he can be liable for human rights violations. He is ready to be ousted as per his televised speeches. The government already violated human rights. This is according to the Center for civil and human rights of the United Nations. This is by having the power to stop the killings but not doing something about it.

[VIDEO]: Understand why the government is guilty of human rights violations when it has the power to stop killings but it won’t. Nothing to do with extra-judicial killings yet.

Drug War Police Empowerment

The president knows very well that he can be outed by inciting the drug war killings. He denies practicing extra-judicial killings. But he is already guilty of human rights violations by tough-talking and threatening alleged criminals. Resistance with his strategy in his hometown is evident in the whole country. Nevertheless,  the United Nations warns him so. But he continues his ways because he is ready to be ousted. His recent speech in front of the military confirms that.

Not Extra-Judicial Killings Yet

The government’s human rights violations so far do not include extra-judicial killings yet. It will be extreme already when that is tackled. The president is given the chance to respond. But he’s taking it negatively for now.

Senator Leila De Lima’s UN Plea

The greatest critic of the president, Senator Leila De Lima submits a complaint to the UN body through the center for civil and human rights. This is with regards to the alleged extra-judicial killings involvement of the president. However,  not the only basis of the United Nation’s interference.

Shaming and Threatening People

The United Nations warns President Duterte that he violates human rights even without investigating the extra-judicial killings yet. This is solely because of his on-air threats and shaming suspected drug criminals. They should be considered innocent until proven guilty. It’s not true that there’s no law against threatening criminals. The law applies to all people, criminal or not.

Aware of his Violations

The President expresses his readiness to be ousted or even assassinated. He already accepts that either one will be his fate. As the top officer of this country, he lives a lonely life. Duterte cannot hug his presidential security staff because they are all men; he jokingly said.

Center for Civil and Human Rights

Duterte ignores pleas of the United Nation’s center for civil and human rights. He instead attacks back the international body including President Barack Obama of the United States and the European Union.

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The World is Watching’s U.N.’s Move if International Ruling not Respected

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The World is Watching’s U.N.’s Move if International Law not Obeyed

The Obama administration despite not ratifying it’s Unclos agreement, has always been dedicated in backing up the tribunal and already has a lineup of countries that voluntarily submitted themselves to form the U.N. martial – protecting the Philippines from any threats from China and the worldwide interest in preserving the freedom of navigation in the South China Sea.

Former Foreign Secretary, Albert del Rosario, formally initiated the complaint filing through the Permanent Court of Arbitration in 2013 after China claimed sovereignty over Scarborough Shoal – forcibly taking it away from the Philippines. US’d Senior diplomat for East Asia, Daniel R. Russel, was even unaware of the Philippine’s case at that time when the Chinese leader dismissed the case without studying the foreign policy applicable in the dispute.


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Duterte’s Miss: Presumption of Innocence – UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Writing this to make Filipinos aware that President Rodrigo Duterte’s drastic actions towards suspected illegal drug criminals like announcing their names in public will not be tolerated under International Law that Philippines signed up for. Local laws might be revised to accommodate his ways given that he is now becoming powerful in congress as well as in the senate – but the eyes of foreign lawmakers under the United Nations is now on him. He should not be over confident in pursuing his drastic actions. Yes, we knew that he does not want to stay longer as president but at least, he should make it proper for the next one to assume office. His clean up drive is making the country look even more dirty and dangerous.

As per Wikipedia’s description: “In many states, presumption of innocence is a legal right of the accused in a criminal trial, and it is also regarded as an international human right under the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 11. The burden of proof is thus on the prosecution, which has to collect and present enough compelling evidence to convince the trier of fact, who is restrained and ordered by law to consider only actual evidence and testimony that is legally admissible, and in most cases lawfully obtained, that the accused is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. If reasonable doubt remains, the accused is to be acquitted.” Read here to know more:

Every life is important no matter how bad a criminal is. The “shoot to kill order” to the police on grounds of “self defense” can easily be twisted. Authorities should continue to exercise high tolerance before resorting to killing anyone. Libelous announcements of alleged criminals should also be stopped – because it will affect not only the accused but their whole family including innocent children. We do not want this country to be the nation for angry citizens, please help in urging the president to exercise humanitarian principles when performing his duties!


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UN Campaigned for Cost-Effective Healthy Diet

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization or FAO is advocating on promoting healthy diet utilizing natural produce that can’t do any harm to humans and the environment when utilizing and processing them. However, it is common perception that it’s expensive to eat well – but it’s really not the case. It’s just a matter of educating people that that healthy stuff even found in our own backyard can look and taste good.

Since fast food advertisements are rampant these days, advocates must use visual strategies promoting healthy eating. Salads should look good to entice for example. Mixed of vegetables with bits of lean meat should be appetizing to see just like the crunchy fried chicken on TV. If the mentality of the general public changes for the better, spending on diet-related ailments which is 75% of the overall healthcare expenses will be minimized according to CDC. Not only that, greenhouses gasses contributors will be 24% less without the destructive farming techniques.

In 2050 when the world population is predicted to reach 9.3 billion by the United Nations, at least 3 billion more people will be competing with the resources available since the world population currently is at 7 billion. Therefore, further campaigns are needed for this project. If each responsible individual helps in advocating for this health cause – educating the rest of the population on healthy eating, this will not be a problem. On that note, we leave you with this question. In your own capacity, how can you promote cost-effective healthy diet that is not only sustainable for a long period of time but also environmentally-friendly?

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