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PDuterte Pays in Advance and Approves Emergency Use


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by CNN-News18

Pfizer COVID Vaccine Brings Hope : Ends Vaccine Trial Eith 95% Efficacy

Advance Payment

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the Philippine President agrees to pay drugmakers in advance. This is to secure millions of COVID-19 shots. He also approves an executive order. So, vaccines approved overseas for emergency use, can be utilized in the Philippines. Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque said in a press conference. This explains why there are reports that some medical professionals already got their first dose. Pfizer’s Coronavirus vaccine requires two doses.

The People’s Welfare is First

The Philippines hasthe second highest number of coronavirus cases and deaths in Southeast Asia. It aims to procure an initial 50 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine. This is to ensure at least a quarter of its 108 million population. Carlito Galvez, a former general who leads the country’s task-force to tackle the pandemic said; the government was in talks with several vaccine makers. Pfizer Inc and Moderna Inc. most especially over possible supply deals.

Budget is Enough for Early 2021 Mass Distribution

Duterte assures the public that the budget is sufficient to purchase vaccines. However, he wants a bigger supply in order to inoculate the entire Philippine population. Galvez also added that the vaccines could start arriving between May and July next year. The bulk is likely to come by the end of 2021 or early 2022.

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

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Imee Marcos: A Vaccine is Not the Solution for the New Case in PI


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Imee Marcos

Watch Senator Imee Marcos as she speaks with DWIZ’s Edwin Eusebio on the program ‘Balita Na, Serbisyo Pa’ yesterday, August 10.

How Many Would Volunteer to take the Coronavirus Vaccine?

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte accepts an offer for a pending Russian coronavirus vaccine. This is once supply becomes available. He said this soon after discussing a similar deal with China. He hopes that they would be for free but it’s unlikely. However, Senator Imee Marcos has another concern. The Philippines is not the epicenter of Coronavirus in South East Asia alone. According to the UN, the country is also the epicenter of child pornography. A vaccine is not needed here but a stricter implementation of the law.

Child Pornography Law

Senator Marcos confirms that the Child Pornography Law requires TELCOs like Globe and PLDT to filter porn online like any other social media platforms. However, they seem so lax in this area. The government must put pressure on NTC to implement the rules and regulations as requirements to continue operating.

Are Filipinos Too Sexual?

Reports say that due to the lockdown, around 2 million babies are about to be born next year. Then, here comes the identity of being the epicenter of child pornography. The crisis seem to trigger some Filipinos’ sexual attribute. No vaccine can remedy this but perhaps, the nations’ psychiatrists are now more in demand than ever.

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)