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PAO: No Problem with Vaccines but the Opposition’s Administration


By: Elena Grace Flores

PAO’s Dr. Persida V. Rueda-Acosta calls on Robredo

Robredo is Irresponsible on the issue of vaccines

PAO’s Dr. Persida V. Rueda-Acosta reacts to the presumptive VP Leni Robredo’s comment. She said that PAO’s noise-making should stop. Especially during the distribution of the Coronavirus vaccines. Robredo pertains to the alleged Dengvaxia scare. Acosta said that it is irresponsible to criticize an agency that is doing its job. The VP herself had her one-year stint there in her resume when she ran during the 2016 elections. What would it make her?

Dengvaxia Victims are Still Dying

Another PAO officer reminds the VP that to leave the Dengvaxia victims after they suffer under the opposition’s administration is irresponsible. Robredo and her mates should nor cover their party’s mismanagement of the vaccines. The horrendous results continue to hunt the affected ones. People are still dying because of the previous government’s negligence.

The Previous Administration was Irresponsible

The PAO’s advise is for Robredo’s party mates especially Senators Angara and Drilon to admit the previous administration’s mistakes. President Rodrigo Duterte now is very responsible. The Coronavirus vaccine really go through the proper stages of testings. Unlike Dengvaxia, the side effects and proper administration plus precautions were not known yet prior to the mass vaccination.