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Venom, the Parasite Alien Got Nothing to do with Spider-Man and other Super Heroes


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Previously, it was announced that a Venom standalone film will be released on October 5, 2018. It is scripted by Dante Harper of Alien: Covenant and produced by Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach. Sony allegedly develops it not only as the film to launch their own Marvel Universe but also as an R-rated effort.

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Not Tied Up with Spider-Man

In an interview with Fandango, the director was asked if the Venom solo film is tied in any way to Spider-Man: Homecoming, to which he replied, “it’s not. It’s not connected to the Marvel world, so that’s really intriguing… what that will be.” Here’s the story:

Story of a Parasite Alien

In the comics, Venom is an intelligent alien symbiote that requires some kind living host in order to thrive and survive. Introduced in the original “Secret Wars” #8 as a black, organic costume for the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler, Peter Parker eventually learned his alien outfit had developed an unhealthy, quasi-romantic attachment to him. Parker was eventually able to sever that connection, leaving the symbiote spurned and alone on Earth. Read more:

Spin-off Project that Triggers the Confusion

This month, Sony Pictures has put fans of the Spider-Verse through their paces. Not only did a new trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming drop today, but the studio has announced its plans to pursue other spinoff projects. At the beginning of the month, fans learned that Sony had tapped a release date for a feature focusing on Venom. Shortly after, news broke that a film starring Black Cat and Silver Sable were also in the works. And, as expected, comic book fans were interested by the new developments. More here:


Can still Change

Bear in mind that the plan that is talked about at the moment can still change between now and late 2018. This is something to watch for when a director signs on and has his or her own vision comes through. Whatever it is, it is certainly an interesting approach to Sony’s Marvel Universe build up.