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Will PACC Look into DPWH-DOE SOP to Fast-Track Credit Payment for Fuel Extraction?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

PACC member and spokesman Greco Belgica is a notable supporter of the President and an anti-Robredo stalwart. He previously hinted on the agency’s recommendation to fire at least four government officials. Although the Malacanang spokesperson, Atty. Harry Roque denied it, Du30 just fired the Customs Deputy Commissioner, Noel Patrick Prudente. His alleged excessive personal travels are under investigation. Now, the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission announces the 25% incentive for whistleblowers. Will it listen to the people in Mindanao to fast-track the release of the government’s credit? This is for the right of way payment allegedly by DPWH under Secretary Mark Villar that can be subject to SOP procedure that the President tags as corruption.

Youtube video by; RTVMalacanang

[VIDEO]: Oath-Taking of PACC Officials and Anti-Corruption Meet (Speech) 3/6/2018.

Approved by the President

A big reward awaits everyone who would become whistleblowers. Those who would give information to the PACC that will lead to a successful recovery of ill-gotten wealth can avail of the offer. Belgica added that this provision has already been approved by the PACC en banc and by President Rodrigo Du30 himself. The President on the other hand, also verbally approved the road right of way claims of Maguindanaoans but the DPWH seems to follow the previously corrupted system.

Government Claim for Fuel Extraction Funds

The claim was undertaken since 3 years ago and that the EO 153 issued by Secretary Villar in early 2017 does not cover said claims. almost all of Villar’s 9 lawyers either resigned or were transferred. The recipients are banking on the said payment to pursue the requirement of the DOE for the extraction of deuterium and other oil and gas components in the Liguasan Marsh located at the Cotabato Basin.


Secretary Villar assigned his assistant to coordinate with the claimants’ team for coordination. He does not handle transactions directly. It is uncertain that the required 10% fee of the 13.7 B claim is a legal SOP requirement or a mere under the table transaction. The lady approached the group about 2 months ago for the said deal. The right of way claimants have the SPA of the owners at Mindanao but the 10% fee is a substantial reduction for the oil and gas exploration set-up requirement of the DOE to issue its permit.

Not Looking Good for Villar

Could PACC run after big political and business names like Villar? This does not look good for Senator Cynthia Villar who seeks for re-election this 2019. Thousands of people in Mindanao are under the impression that what is due to them has been withheld long enough by her son. It is a sad thing that the Coco Levy fund lawmaker can be put in a bad light.

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Osmeña Affirmed Credibility of Election Fraud Whistleblowers – but Sealed Mouth not to Drive Liberal Suspect into Hiding

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Sergio Osmeña III affirmed the ehistleblowers accompanied by Pastor Boy Saycon into the Senate – and he was not even surprised with the Liberal government official allegedly involved in the said fiasco. There is a great possibility that the suspect will immediately go into hiding and revealing him this early will not help the senate probe on the mass fraudulent activities reported by various groups.

Osmeña was one of those personalities being approached by the three whistleblowers in the Senate seeking security and refuge. A bigger manipulaton scheme of the votes will likely to come out of this confessions but there is a long process to go through in doing this.

The move to look into this matter is supported by Senators Vicente Sotto and Cynthia Villar. There’s no way that Smartmatic will have the say on who the election winners are in future elections; he said.


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Binay-Villar-Marcos: Envied because of Midas’ Touch

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Outgoing Vice President Jejomar Binay, Senator Manny Villar and Senator Bongbong Marcos have one thing in common – their name is tainted with corruption allegations via media propaganda but the fact is, whatever they touches, turns into gold! They are the envy of any insecure politicians in power becaue they have the “Midas” touch!

However, it turned out differently with incoming President Rodrigo Duterte’s regime. He is starting to use these capable people indirectly. Manny Villar who remained to be the richest senator Philippines could ever have already signed up to merge his political party NPC with Duterte’s PDP Laban for a coalition. His son Congressman Mark Villar will also be the new DPWH secretary.

The next richest senator, Bongbong Marcos’s Vice Presidential bid is still hanging pending the reading of the official canvass certificates that starts on May 23, 2016. It is evident that these 3; Binay, Villar and Marcos joined forces to topple the Liberal Party’s reign and it worked. So, the people are excited what could come next from their alliance.

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Manny and Cynthia Villar Support Binay

welcome By: Hilario Andes
From : Datu Boy S. Mutahmeen, BINAY Brigade
h.v.o.t.andes, BINAYBrigade
Dios ti agngina
Dios Mabalos
salamat jud kaayu

We had to part ways in 2010 because Cong Peping and the rest of the Aquino-Cojuangco clan prevailed upon me and our core which later became the noyBI.

Cong Peping and I and majority of the noyBI which now staunchly support THE VICE PRESIDENT, JOJO BINAY AND SEN. BONGBONG MARCOS have long regretted that day we decided to support an incompetent senator who later became a President, a move that even the late mother opposed in her sickbed in May 2009.