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Imelda Marcos: The Late President Marcos Cleverly Deposited the People’s Wealth


By: Elena Grace Flores

Filipino Future
[VIDEO]: This is why the leaders of other countries prioritized talks with PBBM

The People’s Wealth

Presidential mother, Imelda Marcos holds the truth in terms of the people’s wealth. She said that they are deposited by her husband, former President Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. to 170 banks worldwide. They are acknowledged by the World Bank. This is why the country can have priority loans without interest from the World Bank, IMF, ADB, and their subsidiaries.

Back-Up during Crisis

The wealth of the people serves as back-up funds during crisis. The deposits in 170 banks are linked with the World Bank. The taxes are not enough to alleviate hardships during the recession. Especially when the inflation rate becomes higher. The late president Marcos thought of this a long time ago.


The priorities for the deposited funds are: housing projects, creations of millions of jobs, infrastructure projects, regional hospitals, health facilities, and agriculture.

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Bongbong Marcos: Gold, Oil, and Deuterium are the natural wealth of the country


By: Elena Grace Flores

Filipino Future
[VIDEO]: Gold, Oil and Deuterium in the Philippines

Natural Wealth of the Country

Bongbong Marcos said that it’s already established that there are gold, oil, and deuterium in the Philippines. Those are the natural wealth of the country. The Central bank only buys gold locally. Then, exports to another country.  The Central Bank Governor just confirmed that we have gold reserves in the UK. But Imelda Marcos’ documents show that they were shipped to more than 120 countries.

Deuterium is Clean Oil

Deuterium is hydrogen fuel. It’s clean oil. Renewable energy is an attractive resource because hydrogen has been established as a greener alternative to fossil fuels. The Philippines and not the South China Sea is the hub of this gasoline of the future.

Gold and Oil

The Marcos administration looks at resuming the mining of gold safely before it slowed down during the time of environmentalist, Gina Lopez. The exploration of oil can also be joint ventures with China, the UK, or the UK for the technology required in the extraction and distilling processes.

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Susan Roces Leaves Inheritance Greater than Wealth


By: Elena Grace Flores

Celebrity PH
[VIDEO]: Sheryl Cruz’s Reaction to Grace and Lovi Poe’s Inheritance from Susan Roces

Susan Roces Divided her Wealth

Sheryl Cruz said that she respects what her aunt Susan Roces did to her wealth. She named each of them to her rightful heirs. This includes Grace and Lovi Poe. She added that it’s the right thing to do. That’s why their family remains harmonious.

7 Decades of Work

The late actress who just died of heart complications accumulated wealth from her 7 decades in the showbiz limelight. She did leave a substantial amount of properties. Plus her husband’s. There’s no denying that despite being adopted, Grace is the legal daughter and Lovi also gets her share as the biological daughter of FPJ. Roces chose forgiveness. So, that made their unconventional family intact.

More than Wealth

Grace and Lovi plus the rest of the family members just didn’t get a fair share of inheritance from Roces but also the bond that they will always be family. Great love is certainly better than wealth in this regard. That’s what everyone needs.

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BBM Wins the Wealth of Information Race Backed by Real People


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Marcos Jr. claims ‘fake news involved’ in ill-gotten wealth, estate tax cases

Wealth of Information vs. Misinformation

Ill-gotten wealth, estate taxes and other accusations have a lot of fake news in them, said BBM. The fact that they claimed facts are not really facts, he added. He suggests to live the case with the lawyers because some politicians are not familiar with them or refused to be familiar with them.

Court Order

Bongbong Marcos also said that whatever the court orders, he will do. Look at the tax evasion accusation for example. Many lawyers and accountants resorted to social media to explain that BBM’s case was not tax evasion. The withholding tax of a government employee is withheld by the government itself. So, as a public servant, Marcos just can’t evade paying his income tax.

Wealth of Information

The wealth of information online is the work of real and passionate people. Trolls cannot be identified. But Marcos’s defenses online normally come from knowledgeable bloggers. They post betting on their reputation. So, there’s definitely no troll who can blog. Some biased mainstream media just cannot accept that the public believes them more than them. So, BBM wins this race for true information.

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Leni, Ping, Isko, and Ka Leody are Told: So, You Admit that they are NOT the Dead Marcos’ Ill-Gotten Wealth?


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Comelec debate: Bets tackle tax issue of no-show Marcos

Ill-Gotten Wealth or Collect P203-B in Estate Taxes?

Bongbong Marcos was right not to attend the Comelec debate. Despite being unable to defend himself from criticisms over his family’s alleged nonpayment of the said P203-B in estate taxes, his rivals Leni, Ping, Isko, and Ka Leody talked like they are experts in the subject. But comments show that their views are conflicting with their own ill-gotten wealth accusation.

Logical Question from a Political Analyst

Professor Antonio Contrras said to Leni, Ping, Isko and Ka Leody: If you insist that the government should collect the estate tax of the deceased Marcos Sr. which you claim to be a whopping 203 billion pesos, then are you admitting that most of his wealth is not ill-gotten?

Legal Reminders

An estate tax attaches only to legitimately owned estate that can be passed on to their heirs and not to ill-gotten ones which are forfeited in favor of government. Besides, no one can compel the Marcoses to pay for them if they do not want to claim them.

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Billionaire, Enrique Zobel Attests that the Marcos Wealth is for Humanity


By: Elena Grace Flores

Filipino Future

[VIDEO]: Enrique Zobel’s Testimony on the Marcos Wealth

Zobel’s Testimony on the Marcos Wealth

Enrique Zobel comes from a prominent Ayala family in the Philippines. He died on May 17, 2004. He’s a Spanish-born industrialist and philanthropist. His testimony on the Marcos wealth during a Blue Ribbon Committee hearing was found in a Newsflash. It happened during the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee Meeting.

Purpose of the Wealth in Gold Deposit Certificates

Zobel saw the folder that contains Ferdinand E. Marcos’ US$35 billion gold certificates. The incident took place in the hospital. So, it is now worth around US$100 billion. There’s no question on the details of his testimony on the reality of Marcos Wealth. He also disclosed President Marcos’ great purpose for this wealth. The late president allegedly has around 100 Billion Dollars reserves for humanity.

Accumulating the Wealth Since World War 2

Marcos explained to him that he has been accumulating this wealth since World War 2. Zobel advised him to set up a trust fund with the Filipino people as beneficiaries. Marcos’ intention was for the Philippines to have gold reserves for a credit facility necessary for the country’s development. Enhancing the armed forces, and housing projects were on the priority list. Therefore, no corruption cases can nail him down.

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Yellow Media is Still on the Alleged Ill-Gotten Wealth Propaganda


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7

[VIDEO]: ‘It’s a mixed bag’: Analyst on track records of Marcos-Duterte senatorial slate

I’ll Gotten Wealth Propaganda

It is a fact that the yellow contender for president, Leni Robredo was the highest mainstream media advertiser in 2016. They have to repeat the black media propaganda against Bongbong Marcos for Robredo to have a chance in 2022. The alleged ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses is one of them. No respect at all to the more than 30 years of court trials with no final convictions. Here’s how to spot biased news outlets.

Son of the Late Dictator

Any newscasters who call Bongbong Marcos the son of the late dictator have either no clue about the Philippine Constitution or are just following the orders of their bosses to character assassinate Marcos. A democratic country can never have a dictator because he is voted by the people. The late President Ferdinand Marcos had no absolute power as a ruler and never used force during his reign.

Disregarding More than 30 Years of Trials

The reporters of these biased news outlets may have to act innocent. Disregarding what they knew of the trials of the century that led PCGG to nowhere. There’s also no mention of the evidence shown by former first lady Imelda Marcos. They must be in line with their candidate’s stand who talks about the Tallano Gold just to dig up the said propaganda.

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Carpio Becomes a Laughing Stock Upon Insisting to Get Back the Alleged Marcos Ill-Gotten Wealth


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: Marcos ill-gotten wealth, hindi na mababawi kapag nanalo si BBM na pangulo — Carpio

Ill-Gotten Wealth Accusation

Former Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio becomes a laughing stock after he repeated the alleged Ill-Gotten Wealth black propaganda against Bongbong Marcos. He cites figures out of nowhere. He seems out of tune knot knowing that all the cases filed on this subject are all dismissed in the last 30 years or so.

Not Stooping Down on Carpio’s Level

The lawyer and spokesperson of the Marcos camp, Atty. Vic Rodriguez refuses to comment on Carpio’s Ill-Gotten Wealth accusation. He said that it is a waste of time to answer such allegation. For this can only disunite the people. It is best to not stoop down on Carpio’s level because the people already know the real score on that matter.

Rehashed Black Propaganda

All this rehashed black media propaganda against Bongbong Marcos do not work anymore. The people’s eyes are already open to the truth. There’s no ill-gotten wealth. What we have is the wealth for humanity as per the outcome of the many court cases.

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Wealth for Humanity is Real – Not for a Few Individuals but for the World


By: Elena Grace Flores

Exploring with DJ Manny

[VIDEO]: Karen Hudes collaboration about the Gold and other important video

No Wealth is Missing

There’s a vast of gold sitting illegally at the World Bank. This is what Karen Hudes, a World Bank lawyer for 20 years divulges. This coincides with former First lady Imelda Marcos’s interview with Mel Tiangco. She also showed the documents that would prove her claim. However, no wealth is missing, added Hudes. Therefore, Ferdinand Marcos is not guilty of the alleged hidden wealth.

FEM’s Secret Account

The gold is in a trust fund. It was deposited by Ferdinand Marcos in the 1950s, Hudes explained. He was not yet president at that time. Therefore his widow is right that her husband already had those wealth even before he became president.

For the Benefit of Humanity

Mrs. Marcos stresses on TV that she wants to survive at a very ripe age because of the world’s benefit. She’s the keeper of the documents at 92 years old. Although, trust funds need the approval of the trustees in coordination with the government and the heirs. This is not for her or for her family anymore. But for the world. When Bongbong Marcos is president, Congress has a task to do for the movements of the said wealth.

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There’s One More thing that Bongbong Marcos Feels Lucky about aside from Family and Wealth


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Mayor Sara: Bongbong Marcos is a firm decision-maker.

Lucky Not Just in Wealth but also on his VP’s Choice

Ilocos Sur Mayor Chavit Singson proudly introduces Bongbong Marcos as an experienced government servant who is destined to lead. Then, Marcos takes the stand to first say that he’s very lucky to be the choice of Mayor Sara Duterte as her running mate. The BBM-Sara tandem is definitely a wealth to behold.

Bongbong Marcos’s Unity Call

Marcos never mentions his father’s wealth for the Filipino people during his speeches. Instead he call on all Filipinos to work together for the common good. Regardless of their political affiliations. He just wants to give a little ease in his countrymen’s financial situation. A little more happiness, and some hopes for a bright future.

The Filipino’s Nature of Love

Marcos is the kind of leader who believes in his people. They are his real wealth. This is why the last will and testament of his father is a priority in his presidency. Just on top of his political platform for progress.