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Protest Status: Imee Marcos Tells People that Bongbong Marcos’ Vice Presidency is Near


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos calls her brother, Bongbong Marcos Jr. “vice president” during her speech ahead of their father’s 100th birthday anniversary celebration. Don’t be impatient, it is near,” Marcos added. The governor hints on his possible victory in the electoral protest against Leni Robredo. She definitely knows something most people don’t.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Gov. Marcos urges the people to be patient because Bongbomg Marcos ‘ Vice Presidency is near.

History is not Done with Ferdinand Marcos

The Marcos family celebrated the National Historical Commission of the Philippines’ recognition of the Marcos monument in Batac, Ilocos Norte. “At last, history now recognizes to have a President from  Batac, Ilocos Norte,” Marcos said. “History is not done indeed with Ferdinand Marcos. Winter is not done with the Marcos legacy,” she added.

Marcos is a Hero

President Du30 issued Proclamation No. 310, declaring Marcos’ 100th birth anniversary a holiday in Ilocos Norte. He defends his decision saying: “As far as Ilocanos are concerned, Marcos is a hero. So, to dwell on this thing for so long a time will just divide the nation,” he said.

Wealth for Humanity

The truth now starts to sprout out on the ill-gotten wealth speculation that turns out to be the wealth of humanity. It is under tight security that follows international laws that no corrupt government can have access to it. Even the members of the Marcos family cannot be liable for it because they are only the keeper of evidence.

No Trace Up Plans Yet

Bongbong Marcos earlier discloses that the government has not started talks on the trace-up of such deposits. However, his sister is positive that the President would spare them from more cases. The people may just have to wait how fast the Congress and the Senate would act on this crucial issue for the benefit of the people instead of the petty crimes that destroy the reputation of the country.

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Bongbong Marcos’s Update on Wealth for Humanity


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos said that no arrangements are made yet with the government. He does not know how to go over the hand-over process as far as the wealth for humanity is concerned at this point. This update is known during their family get-together in Ilocos Norte for the Centennial celebration of their patriarch, the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos on wealth for humanity update.

Presidential Presence

Communications Secretary Martin Andanar also said that he is not aware if President gets an invite to the gathering. “The Marcos family are entitled to their own event. If they want to celebrate the birth anniversary of former President Marcos, it’s up to them, he added. We’re not connected to the Marcoses,” Andanar said.

Family Affair

The Marcos family celebrates the birth centennial of the late president Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani on his birthday, Sept. 11. Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos organizes the celebration. “It’s a family affair, plus friends and guests,” so to speak.

Ilocos Norte Holiday

Earlier, the President issued Proclamation 310. It declares the day as a non-working holiday in Ilocos Norte. This is in commemoration of Marcos’ 100th birth anniversary. Many anti-Marcos people are critical on this but since they found favor in the President’s eyes, they can’t do anything.

Right to Celebrate

Despite the criticisms received from detractors, the Marcoses express their sentiments that they have the right to celebrate the birth anniversary of their kin. This is everybody’s right. Lucky are those who are invited. The rest shall not sour-grape. Marcos loyalists are hopeful that in the future, it will be a nationwide holiday.

WATCH | Friends, foes invited to celebrate Marcos’ 100th b-day; critic says he received invite and ‘puked’ on it

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Will the Marcoses Seek Immunity on Wealth Handover for the Congress to Approve?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The wealth of humanity that most mainstream media refers to as stolen by the Marcoses cannot be retrieved by anyone without the long process in the Congress. The late President Ferdinand Marcos’ family cannot even benefit from it. They face great risk of being persecuted for the crime they did not commit. As a lawyer, President Du30 said that it is logical for the Marcos family to ask for immunity from such suits in exchange for the handover of the wealth to the government. But they didn’t so far.

Youtube video by; News5Everywhere
[VIDEO]: Pinayuhan ni Pangulong Duterte ang pamilya Marcos na humingi ng immunity kung magbabalik sila ng inaakalang nakaw na yaman.

Du30: If I am the Marcoses

Although Du30 said he will not advise the Marcoses anything, he said that it doesn’t make sense for them to return the wealth and end up in jail. “If I am the Marcoses, and I would return that wealth, it is logical to “ask for immunity.” Otherwise, keep the treasures because you might go to jail. If you give them immunity, fine. If you don’t give them immunity, fine. But they might not return any money. Then you’ll have to look to the ends of the earth to get them.

Not Asking for Immunity

However, the President clarifies that; “they did not ask any immunity.” ” I could not guarantee it also. I know that I’m not the proper authority to do that,” he added. Aside from the Congress, the Supreme Court also has the say. Therefore, the end result could not happen during his term.

Long Process in the Congress

The President makes sure that Congress will pass a law for the turnover to happen. “It’s a long process,” he said. “It does not belong to me. It was just a signal from the Marcoses they will bring back what the people are believing to be theirs.” The Marcos family also has the right to defend themselves that the wealth was not stolen by their patriarch or else they could have direct access to it.

Not PCGG-Like Recovery

Du30 clarifies that the wealth that the Marcoses plan to return is different from the Presidential Commission on Good Government or PCGG’s efforts. It is the government agency tasked to recover the billions of pesos allegedly plundered by the late President Ferdinand Marcos under the Aquino administration despite not being convicted. This is due to the strong legal evidence that is recognized worldwide. The Marcoses are confident that once the actual status is disclosed through a proceeding, the truth will set them free.

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Rep. Imelda Marcos: Golden Wealth, Not Ill-Gotten, the Marcoses are Not Thieves


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The fact that the Marcoses always win the plunder cases against them is the ultimate proof that the golden wealth is not ill-gotten. They are all documented and traded according to international laws. People who don’t know anything are the ones who made accusations against the Marcoses. It is also some kind of false hope that Filipinos can receive a cold cash share of those treasures. They are intended for long-term public service use that can surely benefit the country and the world in general.

Youtube video by; PH TODAY
[VIDEO]: Marcos Gold.

Golden Wealth, all Documented

The former first lady and now Rep. Imelda Marcos reiterates that the golden wealth labeled by his husband as the wealth for humanity is not ill-gotten. They are documented following the international trading laws at that time. This is why they always win the cases against them

Not Stolen

The President also clarifies that in making the offer, the Marcoses were not admitting that the wealth being returned was stolen. “Imee Marcos did not announce that it had been stolen. But she said whatever was under suspicion should be discussed and that I accepted,” he said.

The President’s Plan

Du30 explains that he could not possibly decide on the offer because he was not authorized by a law to do so. “When the proceeding would begin, we should start with Congress. They represent the people,” he said. “There could be more wealth but we have to start with the Congress. You know, the Congress must authorize, then it should be the Central Bank governor and the secretary of finance who would then negotiate,” he added.

No Sole Power Over Wealth

The President has this to say; “A President cannot negotiate by himself. It has to be the law and the law must come from the Congress, not from me. I cannot say with finality that this should be the way. There are so many stages to undergo. If it’s an arbitration because it’s settlement, it should go under an arbitration proceeding. But the Congress must authorize because that is a money to be recovered by the government of the Republic of the Philippines and that was the offer,” he elaborated.

Duterte: No deal yet on Marcos wealth

Imelda’s Call to Use Wealth for Humanity for the People Might be Heard Only When Bongbong Marcos becomes President

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Du30: Congress to Deal with Imee Marcos on Wealth, Not Bongbong Marcos’ Presidency


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The President ignores rumors that the offer to hand over the wealth for humanity deposited by the late President Ferdinand Marcos is to aid Bongbong Marcos for his plan to run for president. He said that he talks to Gov. Imee Marcos and it’s up to the Congress to do the necessary steps as per the law.

Youtube video by; AP Archive

Imelda Marcos Begs the Senate to Look into Wealth

Youtube video by; AP Archive

It’s Not Only Now

The opposition asks as if they are ignorant why it’s only now that Imelda Marcos discloses the whereabouts of the gold reserves. As per the Senate video clip, Marcos pleads the Senators in the past to look into the said treasures as stated in her late husband’s Will and Testament. It is clearly stated in the will that the financial reserves are for the good of the Filipinos. They must be used for public services, infrastructure, healthcare, education, and more. They are not for individual distribution.

Gov. Imee Marcos’ Talk with the President

The President said when asked about backing Bongbong Marcos’ presidential bid; “I don’t care about that. In 5 years I will no longer be on the political scene.” He also confirmed that he discussed the offer with Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos, not with her mother or brother.

Congress Proceeding

“The Marcoses are ready to cooperate. I accept the explanation because there is no other explanation, I do not know anything, I cannot debate with them.”.  It’s time that these things be settled,” the President added. I just accepted that they want to make arrangements with the government so the case would come to an end,” he said. The President also revealed that Gov. Marcos did not disclose if the wealth they have was ill-gotten. The proceedings should begin. They should start with Congress,” said Du30.

Duterte says he talked to Imee about return of Marcos wealth

Imelda’s Call to Use Wealth for Humanity for the People Might be Heard Only When Bongbong Marcos becomes President