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Willie Revillame’s Take on Robredo and Pacquaio

Willie Revillame

By: Elena Grace Flores

Eduard Q. TV

[VIDEO]: Willie Revillame: The Country would Suffer under a Neophyte Leader

Willie Revillame is not for the Senate

Willie Revillame deliberately turned an offer from the President to run for senator under the administration. This is because he doesn’t know anything about politics. Not to mention law-making strategies. He can serve the country better in his current capacity.

The Presidency is not for Revenge

The popular TV host criticizes Leni Robredo’s intention to block Bongbong Marcos from the presidency. She said that she decides to run to prevent a Marcos from coming back to the executive office. Willie Revillame is disgusted with this pronouncement of hers.

A Public Servant is better than a Politician

Revillame advises the presidential aspirants like Manny Pacquiao to know what they are getting into. Public service is good. But politicking has no place in a peaceful country. A president should have the wisdom to run all aspects of the country. He also thanked Senator Bong Go for being true to himself.

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Willie Revillame Questions Robredo’s Undemocratic Reason to Run

Willie Revillame

By: Elena Grace Flores
Filipino Future

Undemocratic Reason to be President

Filipino TV host, Willie Revillame questions outgoing VP Leni Robredo her reason to run for President. Why is she running for the top position just to block one candidate? That in a way is very undemocratic. All Filipinos have the right to seek for public position. But it should be self-evaluation that is the ultimate deciding factor. Are you capable to lead the country?

Public Service Must be a Priority

Willie Revillame is firm in his decision. Regardless of what he does, public service is a priority. He can do that well where he is now. Unlike in the Senate, he said that he’s not knowledgeable with the law. He also cannot defend his stand-in English well. His advice to the candidates is to have a solid platform on how to help people in poverty. Refrain from fighting with each other. So, the welfare of the people must come first.

Willie Revillame’s Stand

President Rodrigo Duterte personally urges Willie Revillame to run for senator in the coming 2022 elections. This was over dinner at the Malaca├▒ang Palace. However, he declines because he said that he doesn’t have the capabilities to be a lawmaker. He can do public service more efficiently if he continues to do his showbiz work. He is hosting a game show that gives livelihood opportunities to the masses. Therefore, he declines the said plea.

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Will Kris Aquino Support Willie Revillame if He Campaigns for BBM?

Willie Revillame

By: Elena Grace Flores


The President Wants Willie Revillame to Run as Senator
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte urges Willie Revillame to run for Senator a few months back. Revillame reiterates by thanking him in one of his shows. He returns the praises to the Filipino leader. There’s also an episode when he expresses his admiration for the Build Build Build project with the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ blueprint. Currently, he has given Kris Aquino a chance to make a comeback. This is to co-host a game show during Shopee’s 8.8 special episodes. Aquino swears to support him in his endeavors.

Revillame Praises the Build Build Build Project

The Build Build Build project impresses Willie Revillame. There’s even a rumor that he would join efforts with Bongbong Marcos. However, the celebrity host seems to be happy helping people outside of politics. Although, he vows to help the president in nurturing the lives of Filipinos. Will this include endorsing Bongbong Marcos as Duterte’s successor? What would Kris Aquino say about this?

Kuya Willie and BBM Connivance

Willie Revillame could win a position in the government easily because of his popularity among the masses. But he continues to do what he loves the most throughout these years. Therefore, if there’s anything that he would do for the president is to help campaign for his anointed. If that’s the case, Bongbong Marcos’ intention to have unity would definitely take place in a big way. Kris Aquino is the other component to that.