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Tax Petitions against Bongbong Marcos are Too Small for his Lawyers


By: Elena Grace Flores

Robin Sweet Showbiz

[VIDEO]: Tax Non-Compliance Accusations against Bongbong Marcos are all lies.

No Truth on Tax Non-Compliance

It’s already proven by the BIR receipts that the alleged tax non-compliance of Bongbong Marcos is a lie. However, petitioners continue to recruit people to join them in their rallies. Just to make noises. Although some vloggers found out that many of the demonstrators do not even know what they are fighting for.

Petitions are too Slim

Bongbong Marcos can very well afford the best lawyers in the country. Plus the 500 volunteer attorneys. These are no match compared by the few petitioners magnified by the mainstream media. The tax cases are just too slim to dis-allign the strongest presidential bet for 2022.

The Noises Made Bongbong Marcos More Popular

There’s no doubt that the noises against Bongbong Marcos made him even more popular. It’s a fact that those who are Pinklawan sympathizers would never vote for him. Regardless, the 16 million solid loyalist base plus the enlightened youth are enough to win. Not to mention Mayor Sara Duterte, Sandro, Marcos, and Toni Gonzaga’s fans who are ready to comply with their idol’s wishes. It’s going to be a landslide win.

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