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Teach a Dog How to Fetch or Get You a Date

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Dogs knew no politics so, if you want to get a genuine person to date – get the help of your dog. First of all, you have to teach your dog how to fetch because it does not come naturally for them. However, it can be done if you spend some time with your dog and follow this video:

Fetch 101: How To Teach Your Dog to Fetch

Posted at YouTube by:¬†Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution


If you are a dog lover, you would basically want another dog lover also as for your future partner – or else it’s going to be living in hell for both. Your dog can fetch you a good match actually. Just bring your trained dog to where you can possibly meet Mr. or Miss right and where dogs are allowed like in the beach or park. Then, do the magic!

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