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Thanks to Gov. Imee Marcos’ Sacrifice, Ilocos 6 are Now Free from the Congress


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos made a great sacrifice in facing the Congress for the alleged misuse of tobacco funds despite the many advises not to show up during the July 25 hearing. She is apologetic to the House and even swallowed her pride in retracting her previous statements. All for the sake of the Ilocos’ 6 freedom. This would also allow her to continue fighting in the open.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Gov. Marcos explains that they can only resort to direct contracting because there’s only one supplier based on the specified request.

Direct Contracting is Legal

Gov. Marcos maintained her stand that the direct contracting followed the legal process as evaluated by COA. There may be some processes that were not followed but the truth is firmly brought out no matter how the Congress Representatives grilled her that there’s definitely no corruption in the said transaction.

Lifting of the Contempt Order

Majority leader Rudy Fariñas moved for the lifting of the contempt order and for the issuance of the release order of the six officials. He clarified his move by saying that the officials admitted during the hearing that it was their signatures on pertinent disbursement vouchers and other documents.

Never Mind the Humiliation, Freedom Matters

The House committee chairperson Surigao Del Sur Rep. Johnny Pimentel approved Fariñas’ motion. The audience applauded. Ilocos Norther Gov. Imee Marcos said that she is happy that her employees can finally go home to their families after 55 days in detention.

Ilocos 6 Release Order from the Congress


‘Ilocos Six’ free to go

1 thought on “Thanks to Gov. Imee Marcos’ Sacrifice, Ilocos 6 are Now Free from the Congress

  1. What Givernor Imee Marcos did is for the benefit of the people of Ilocos,
    Why are they making a big issue on an honest project while the bigger problem in corruption lurks just in the corner.
    There bigger problems happened that should be investigated before this new administration that are being ignored.
    If Gov Imee Marcos was investigated for the disbursement of funds then all Governors should also be investigated.
    I believe Farinas and Pimentel are pursuing this to cover up their own fault and it is clear tgat this is a Political demilition to discredit Imee Marcos and Bongbong Marcos.
    Therefore we’ll see what happens to tge next election who are a true Public official to serve the people.

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