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The Critics of Imee Marcos are the Same Candidates who Spread Lies about Du30

By: Elena Grace Flores

Otso Diretso can’t help but spread lies about President Rodrigo DU30 during the CNN debate at the UST recently. One accusation comes from the presumptive VP’s lawyer, Romulo Macalintal. He said that Du30 promises to create jobs but for the Chinese. Not for the Filipinos. Most updated Filipinos knew that this is misinformation. The candidates of the opposition’s slate use a demeaning strategy to throw false accusations against their opponents just like what they did to the integrity of Gov. Imee Marcos. Marcos’ ally, Atty Glenn Chong just laughs at their shallow black propaganda.

YouTube video byElena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: This is about Chong’s logical solutions to the emergence of illegal Chinese workers against Otso Diretso’s emotional reasonings.

Black Propaganda against the Administration’s Bets

Unlike what they did to Gov. Marcos with regards to her academic records, presently, Otso Diretso targets the President himself. That way, they can discredit not just one but all the candidates endorsed by President Du30 and her daughter’s Hugpong ng Pagbabago candidates.

No Truth on Macalintal’s Theory

Macalintal tried to be humorous when he delivers his unfounded statement about the President. When it is true that the average annual job creation for 2017 and 2018 is only 81,000. The number of employed only increased by 162,000 from 41 million in 2016 to 41.2 million in 2018, according to data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), it does not mean the the Filipino leader gives most of the jobs to the Chinese. The digital change requires different skills especially in languages and computerization.

Belittling the Chinese

It is really obvious that Chel Diokno has no clue in international trade. China can’t compete with the US if their people are lazy. Diokno narrates a story that a Filipino who owns a construction company thinks that Chinese workers are lazy. That seems like an isolated case if China can lend millions of dollars to America and can perhaps be the next super power.

China Dept Trap

Another lie is the alleged China debt trap for many reasons but to state a few: 1. There’s no signed contract yet just MOU with Chinese loans to the Philippines. 2. How could critics know about the fine clauses if they have not read the MOU? So, transparency is clearly not an issue. 3. No MOU states about any collateral that can sequester the West Philippine Sea or South China Sea.

Anti-Chinese Propaganda

It is evident through social media that there’s a concerted effort to discredit Chinese products. Some Filipinos do not realize that Chinese-Filipino merchants are crucial to the country ever since the time of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Not just in business but in the lowest unit of society which is the family. Intermarriages made Philippines and China inseparable. The richest Filipino, Henry Sy who just died is even of Chinese origin. Those who belittle them just show how out of tune they are.

2 thoughts on “The Critics of Imee Marcos are the Same Candidates who Spread Lies about Du30

  1. you will never get into the government and you will never’re a liar, cheat, and too arrogant to be a senator or any government office

  2. Do you know what you’re saying Clarita . She’s the Governor of province of ILOCOS NORTE and awarded as the Most Outstanding Governor in the Philippines. Your accusations is to silly and childish reaction. Do some research Clarita. I think your the arrogant one. I think your the one who will not get any position in the government even in the lowest position. You have a dirty mouth. Look at yourself first . Don’t try to be clean Clarita Jacobs.

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