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The Degree of BBM’s Wide Lead Made the Slight Drop of Percentage Points Insignificant


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7

[VIDEO]: Presidential election now more a two-way race between Marcos, Robredo

Comelec’s Hosting of Presidential Debate

BBM maintains his lead but Leni Robredo increases by 9 percentage points. However, it is not substantial to change the scenario right now. The degree of BBMs wide gap from VP Leni Robredo will make it impossible for her to catch up. The image of the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos as a good leader is definitely helping his son.

Decline is Insignificant

Comelec debate has no impact on the slight decline of BBM’s score survey at only 4 percentage points. The decrease is insignificant and cannot affect his wide lead. He will remain in the same position with only one more survey to go with Pulse Asia.¬† Robredo needs a substantial degree of increase that may not be possible anymore due to the timing.

Robredo Cannot Catch Up

Robredo’s increase must be enormous for her to catch up. The gap between her and Bongbong Marcos is so huge that she needs to increase more than 16 percentage points. And BBM must also have a decline at the same rate. So, it would be very hard for Robredo to catch up if not impossible. However, this would be a two-way race for the presidency.

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