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The Degree of Difference between the Two Neophyte Congressmen


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Sandro Marcos is a neophyte congressman with a great degree of knowledge.

The Great Degree of Difference

A greenhorn is a neophyte or beginner. But not all newcomers are without knowledge and experience. Rep. Raul Manuel is also new in the legislative world. So, his remarks that fellow representative Sandro Marcos only got the position in the House because of his last name was off. It reflects greatly on his degree of mentality. Marcos has worked directly with his uncle Congressman Martin Romualdez during his internship.

Be Careful to be Shut Out

A veteran journalist tried to pick the brains of the young Marcos. She suffered a great degree of humiliation. The woman tasted her own medicine.

Wisdom versus Knowledge

Knowledge may be obtained from studying but when circumstances in life teach you, one gets wisdom. The Marcos family has been through a lot. But they never retaliate against the black propaganda. Instead, they just show their truth. Then it’s up to the people to judge.

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