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The Degree of Engagement Unity Generates in PBBM’s First 100 Days


By: Elena Grace Flores

Marites ng Pinas
[VIDEO]: PBBM’s Direct answers to relevant questions

The Degree of Unity for Peace

President Bongbong Marcos directly confirms that we are called to lead ASEAN in the peace-keeping mission of the regional body. The degree of his unity campaign is so enormous that it reached other nations during this time of chaos. He answered former Senator Kit Tatad blatantly that, yes, we would indeed lead.

Functional Government

To start with, in the first 100 days of PBBM’s presidency, he takes pride in forming a functional government that is ready to tackle the challenges ahead. The detractors’ degree of negativity cannot stop what he has started. This would change not just the country but also the world in general.

The Stand of the Philippines

All economic plans of the Philippines can’t happen without peace, the president clarified. In the first 100 days, the Marcos administration accomplishes getting the best and the brightest for the cabinet. Unity and engagement really did come in handy under this administration. Despite the bypassing, resignations, and replacements saga.

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