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The Degree of Humility PBBM Shows to the US President Despite Geopolitical Conflicts


By: Elena Grace Flores

Sa Iyong Araw
[VIDEO]: The diplomatic meet of President Ferdinand Marcos and US President Joe Biden

The Degree of Humility

President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. said that the degree of alliance between the Philippines and the US continues to go deeper. May it be political or economic. Geopolitical conflicts are led by the guiding principle of maintaining peace despite all complexities. Their special meetup was made possible despite both their busy schedules. Biden even jokes saying that the Filipino president cannot go past him. Marcos humbly laughs at it.

Dealing with China

President Biden respects Marcos’ stand in preserving peace and exhausting bilateral tals as far as the war in Ukraine with Russia. The same with the dealings with China. Bilateral agreements must work. No degree of provocation must lead to war.


Netizens can’t help but compare the two leaders. It’s obvious that Biden has some notes on a piece of paper. But Marcos comfortably delivers an impromptu speech from the heart. That’s a notable skill of Ferdinand Marcos.

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