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The Filipino Culture During the Pandemic According to BBM


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

The Bayanihan Spirit is Alive All These Times

The Filipino Culture

The culture of Filipinos is naturally Helpful. This can be seen in the Bayanihan Spirit according to BBM. Bongbong Marcos always uplifts the character, talents, and capabilities of his fellowmen. Very inspirational indeed especially during the pandemic. He even calls on politicians to stop politicizing the community pantries. We should always be grateful wherever they come from. So, going forward let’s help according to what we can afford. And take only what we need.

PPES and Community Pantry

Bongbong Marcos is thankful to the sponsors of the PPES for our medical staff. They must have ample protection as they save lives every day. Community pantry organizers should also feel the support of the authorities. There’s no point politicizing them. May they come from the left, right, up, or down. They deserve gratefulness for their deeds. Therefore, those personalities criticizing them are really not Filipinos. There’s just no place for negativity at this time.

No Votes for Negative Politicians

Marcos reminds Filipinos to be observant of the character of a candidate. This is for the election in 2022. The helpful nature must be there. They do not need to be critical of others. Good leaders deserve the people’s voice without making negative comments. The behavior counts more than ever in today’s politics. Remember that it is not a Filipino culture to criticize helpful deeds. The noisy ones do not deserve these votes. Look at the heart for a change. To unite is better than to fight. Let’s go back to basics when choosing leaders. It might actually help. People may be so fed-up that Marcos remains the only feasible presidential candidate as of the time of writing. At least among the ones who express their intention to run for a position.

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