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The Former CJ, Zarate, PCGG, and their Cahoots Want the People’s Money


By: Elena Grace Flores

No Proof of Plunder

Representative Zarate admits that the Sandiganbayan decision might be dismissed. This is because of a lack of evidence. But this does not stop him from stressing out that the Marcoses are plunderers. He also made sure that this can be in historical records. Clearly, the Sandiganbayan propaganda is a demolition effort. This is to stop the top bet for president in the 2022 elections. That is definitely stealing people’s rights and money. Bongbong Marcos is the only hope of the Filipinos. So, in the fight for democracy, know the Marcoses well.

Bongbong Marcos’ Involvement

Zarate disagrees that the presidential candidate has no involvement. With regards to the alleged sins of his father. He said that he is one of his beneficiaries. The Congressman cannot even tell the truth. That they are under the Marcos Foundation. And for the benefit of the Filipinos. It’s actually his job in Congress to open the will and testament of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. He is a lawmaker for that matter. They just ignored Imelda Marcos’ plea to defend their interests. Keeping the money to themselves is all they want.

Maligning the next President

The demolition job against Bongbong Marcos can only feed the egos of the anti-Marcos. However, many Filipinos already realized their intentions. His accusers just want the people’s money. They will do everything to loot from the country’s coffer through their media and political influence. So, now that’s history. Therefore, beware of the culprits.

Media Sandiganbayan Half-Truths Fool Filipinos on their Inheritance

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  1. Ikaw l’g ang naniniwala, pero di mabbago desisyon NMIN BBM is our Pres.

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