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The Hybrid Election System Must Stop Smartmatic-Comelec Manipulation

hybrid election

By: Elena Grace Flores
Talk News TV

Glenn Chong’s Hybrid Election Idea is supported by Sotto and Marcos.

Senator Imee Marcos and Senate President Tito Sotto’s Bill

Senate President Vicente Sotto III’s Senate Bill 7, or the Hybrid Election Act gets the endorsement of Senator Imee Marcos previously. However, that does not eliminate Smartmatic from the picture. Comelec disqualifies the only challenger during the bidding of the election machines. This is why Glenn Chong proposes a system that would at least discourage such manipulation.

Manual Counting but Automated Tallying and Transmission

Chong explains that the teachers who man the precincts are knowledgeable when it comes to manual counting and tallying on the board. The inputs of the total count per category would then go through the transmission process. This means that the Smartmatic machines can only collect the tallies and transmit them to the server for public broadcast. Thus, fulfilling the hybrid election ideals.

The Smartmatic has No Role

Chong stresses that to be safe from fraud, Smartmatic must have no role inside the election room. The data inputs of the machines are also verifiable from the manual tallies of the teachers. Doubtful broadcasts of results just like Leni Robredo’s votes that allegedly surpass Bongbong Marcos’ one million lead can easily put on check in this hybrid election process.

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