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The Importance of Bongbong Marcos’s Presidency for the Progressive Philippines


By: Elena Grace Flores

Malayang Quezon City

[VIDEO]: Bringing back a Marcos to the Presidency is Crucial

A Unifying President for the Progressive Philipines

QC mayoral aspirant Cong. Mike Defensor, South Cotabato Gov. Jun Tamayo, Jr. and f/Rep. Anton Lagdameo of the Federal Party of the Philippines discussed the reason why Bongbong Marcos must be in the Executive Office now. Defensor said that the only desire of the Presidential aspirant is to be a unifying President. This is no longer a matter of his father’s issues. It is his desire to unify the country through his program. That promote the rebirth and development of the progressive Philippines.

Why Not Bongbong Marcos?

Lagdameo points out that there are children of former Presidents who also became the President of the country. Like GMA, Pres. Diosdado Macapagal’s daughter. Then-President Noynoy, the son of Cory Aquino. Why not Bongbong Marcos?

Bongbong Marcos’s Personality is the Right Fit

Tamayo also said that the personality of #BBM is suitable to be the next President. He stressed that Marcos’s political platform for the revival of the progressive country is very clear. Only he can do it.

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