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The Marcos-Duterte Tandem’s Impact on the Nation for 2022 Elections

2022 Elections

By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by RG FACTS

Blocking the Dilawan for the upcoming nation election.

Marcos-Duterte for 2022 Elections

The President’s efforts in blocking the Dilawan since 2016 will go to waste if they can get back during the 2022 elections. He will do everything in his power to not let that happen. Even if it means for her daughter to run for a position in the executive office. Duterte made it clear that he doesn’t Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio to live his life now. He prefers Bongbong Marcos for the presidency. That could only mean that he is into the Marcos-Duterte tandem.

A Landslide Win

Analyzing from obvious developments, Marcos almost won in 2016 as VP if not cheated, so they say. Coupled with the high approval rating of President Duterte at 91%, the Marcos-Duterte tandem will surely become a lanslide win for them come 2022 elections. This is something that is too scary for the opposition. That’s why propaganda stunts are already ongoing this early.

Destroying the Tandem

The ultimate goal for the pro-Dilawan players is to break the possible winning tandem. This can be in the form of making loyalist groups of both sides fight. Possibly over who should run as President. The anti-Dilawan would simply don’t mind. Supporters must be vigilant on this kind of behavior in social media.

5 thoughts on “The Marcos-Duterte Tandem’s Impact on the Nation for 2022 Elections

  1. President : BBM
    Vice President: MAYORA SARAH

    1. Marcos duterte

  2. In my own opinion BBM for president and Sarah Duterte as Vice President that is the right tandem that is signal no. 5 let Sarah run BBM for president on 2022 and Sarah will be the next president on 2028 so Sarah should give way because she is still young but they are both capable and dynamic leader.There will be a smooth sailing on the campign of BBM and Sarah if that tandem will be materialized.

  3. For the sure Win in 2022
    President dapat BBM
    For VP Sarah Duterte
    Dapat bigayan muna sila.

  4. Ayos din ang video mo

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