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The Marcos Scenario Supports Duterte’s South China Sea Action

South China Sea

By: Elena Grace Flores

What would Marcos do over the South China Sea dispute?
President Rodrigo Roa Duterte blasts the Liberal Party’s South China Sea enthusiasts, Antonio Carpio and Albert del Rosario recently. He said that the dispute with China started during their administration. They just capitalize on the arbitral ruling to cover their mistakes. Meanwhile, people are asking what would the late President Ferdinand Marcos do if he is the President today?

One of the Weakest Military Force

President Duterte made sense that when he said that it is dangerous to provoke China if we do not have sufficient military forces. The country may be one of the weakest defense and offense mechanisms during Marcos’s time. But international relations were excellent. China looked up to the Marcos presidency. A harmonious business relationship was at stake. It would be a pity to let go of that.

Managing the Bully

Just like what Congresswoman Lucy Torres said. The bully at school need not be killed. Managing the unruly one by befriending him or her can yield positive results. Why hurt China when it can be one of the Phillippine’s biggest allies? The key is unity through effective communication. That would Marcos likely to do. Bilateral relations are a must to rebuild the nation after the pandemic. So, it’s clear that Marcos and Duterte are in line with each other.

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