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The Philippines Stuns the World with the New Imelda Marcos as Senator

By: Elena Grace Flores

The people who are not in tune with reality may be stunned. Those who are still under the influence of the black propaganda against the Marcoses, cannot imagine why the daughter of the controversial former First Lady Imelda Marcos emerges as one of the top bets for Senator this coming May 13, 2019 election. However, most Filipinos already have enough of the lies that are slowing down the progress of the country. They are behind Manang Imee’s popularity as she is well-known for – like an older sister who has all the solutions. Her brother Bongbong Marcos, refers her as such.

YouTube video byElena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Imelda Marcos endorses her daughter, Imee Marcos for Senator.

Imelda Marcos Endorses her Daughter as Senator

The beloved former First Lady and Congresswoman of the Philippines said; My heart is still here in the land I have grown. Thank you and you still haven’t forgotten me. All I ask is; let’s put one waray in the Senate. My daughter, Imee Marcos, is your new Imelda. Thank you very much for your continued support to our family. Don’t forget, no. 46 in your ballot!

The People’s Choice

September 22, 2018, Pulse Asia Ulat ng Bayan survey on the 2019 senatorial elections shows Imee Marcos’ substantial rise to the 7th to11th places with a 32.6% voter preference. It made her secure to have a definite place in the winners’ circle as Senator. This is a vital improvement from her ranking in June. She previously ranks 13th to 20th with a voter preference of 29.9. However, the social media community is not quite happy with such results. Therefore, an online poll was initiated and Marcos landed as the top bet.

Bongbong Marcos’ Support

Bongbong Marcos explains to the audience of his political sorties that he is not running for any position this coming May 2019 elections. His sister. Gov. Imee Marcos is the candidate for Senator. She is number 46. The former Senator is just her proxy. He is more than willing to do that saying that with the vast achievements the lady governor has, to campaign for her is not a difficult thing to do. In fact, even from the start before the campaign period, she’s already in the top 12 Senatorial bets.

Imelda Marcos, the Envy of the World

The Philippines’ Imelda Marcos, is the envy of the world since the time of her late husband, President Ferdinand Marcos. She is the keeper of the bills of lading for all the gold reserves preserved for the people. There seems to have a strong international force in connivance with the opposition to block any of her family members to return to power. This can be very bad for their business when the heirs of ex-President Marcos try to implement the will of their father for the country and the world. Thus, the reason to destroy them through black media propaganda.

Imee Marcos, the Solution to the Problems

Despite the character assassination spearheaded by her political enemies from questioning her educational credentials to the alleged hidden wealth of her family, she emerges victorious. The people can always find a better spokesman. This time, in the person of another candidate for Senator, Atty. Larry Gadon. He addresses the ill-gotten wealth propaganda against the Marcoses straight to the point. Gadon asks; How could there be ill-gotten wealth by the late President Ferdinand Marcos when the country did not have money during his time?

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  1. She has very good track record. One of the best performing senator. I will support her candidacy..This country need more people with her caliber..

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