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The PNP’s Budget for Training and Equipment is Not from America


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue
[VIDEO]: The effect of the withdrawn US support to the PNP

Budget for Training and Equipment

The PNP’s budget for training and equipment still came from the previous Duterte administration. So, the withdrawal of the US support for the drug war, cyber war, and intelligence is not a great loss. However, the police would like to know the American lawmaker’s basis on their halted promise.

Human Rights Violations

The PNP is open to talks with the Americans about the alleged human rights violations. The reason for the US to discontinue the budget allocated for their operations. As far as they are concerned, police officers who were guilty of the drug war crimes are already in jail or kicked out of service.

The basis for the Withdrawal

PNP spokesperson Colonel Jean Fajardo is sad about the US’s budget withdrawal. Although this will not cripple the PNP, the police force seeks an explanation of America’s basis for such action.  Having limited resources would prohibit the full potential of uniformed men and women.

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