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The poor must be the priority for the next Philippine President in 2016

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Aquino Administration who vowed to take the straight path towards progress and to diminish the ancient corruption system of government in the Philippines is now bidding farewell with the upcoming 2016 national election. Who do you think should be the next Philippine President?


Pledging to take care of the economy by encouraging foreign investments and further operations by the country’ s rich and famous, the outgoing administration claimed their success on their efforts – hoping that the alleged growth will reach the poorest of the poor as time goes by and nothing is wrong with that. Only, even the government itself acknowledged that there are still more things to be done.

Now, since the Pnoy administration is almost over, the plight of the masses which constituted to being the largest segment of the Filipino people who are evidently poor is left to the voters’ hands. Will they choose a President from the Liberal party who would more or less adapt the same strategy as the Aquino administration or choose Vice President Jejomar Binay whose campaign efforts are always geared to take care of the poor since the beginning of his time in politics? Not to mention being poor himself who managed to become a human rights lawyer through hard work.


Those who witnessed how poor people live in the Philippines can attest to the urgency of their much needed rehabilitation because people are dying in the streets everyday. This should be the utmost concern of any Presidential candidate at this point in time. The rich can still improve their businesses with or without the government’s help. Also, the peace and order situation of the country can be controlled when people are not hungry.

So, will you be choosing a President for the welfare of the poor despite allegations of corruption? Well, as human nature dictates, when you want to destroy a good politician – you can just accuse him of corruption and his image can easily turn from white to black. Are Filipinos smart enough not to let this happen?

I think it’s about time to prioritize the ones at the bottom because the present administration already did whatever they can to better the interests of the ones from the top – and hopefully, this would narrow down the gap between rich and poor.


Who would you vote for in 2016 Presidential race?


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