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The President Advises the PSG as a Lawyer for Vaccination


By: Elena Grace Flores

Duterte warns Congress: ‘Do not tinker with PSG’ over vaccination issue

President Duterte’s Advice to PSG as a Lawyer

The Congress gets a blow from President Rodrigo Duterte. This is over the Covid-19 vaccination of the PSG members without his knowledge. He said that they have the right to do it for self-preservation. As a lawyer, he advises them not to say a word in the hearing. That’s to envoke self-incrimination.

Self-Defense in Criminal Law

The President explains that such advice is just like self-defense in criminal law. He would also not allow congress to cite them in contempt. The act is to protect the Filipino leader. In return, Duterte vows to show up in the hearing to get them if the lawmakers play hard on them. He knows that this is lawful as a lawyer.

Not Healthy for Evrybody

The scrutiny of the PSG’s noble act is not healthy for everybody, the President added. They want to protect themselves and the President. Let them do that, he stressed. The criticisms are just political in nature. There are many challenges as to who would take the vaccines first. Now that it’s done by the PSG, why get jealous? Take it from the lawyer if you have a problem with the president.

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