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The President Assures MSMEs to Revitalize them with Recovery Support and Other Bilateral Means


By: Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos attends Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise Summit 2022

The President’s Recovery Assurance

President Bongbong Marcos graces the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Summit 2022. This was at the Manila Hotel in the City of Manila on August 26, 2022. He assures the MSME sector of the government’s support in their recovery. The pandemic has hit everything, especially businesses worldwide.

MSMEs Critical Roles

The revitalization of the MSMEs sector is the government’s priority. Its post-pandemic recovery is vital to the economy because of its critical role.  The president calls the players of this industry the big brothers of the business. Their true intention to help fellow Filipinos is driving the program to success, the president reiterated.  Because it comes from the heart.

The Government’s Strategies

President Marcos promised to provide a sound environment and the promotion of digitalization for the MSMEs. As the backbone of the economy that generates half of the country’s employment, they are indeed crucial to reducing poverty, and to further creating jobs.  The main strategies aside from providing a sound business climate are access to finance, management, and labor, access to technology and innovation, and of course, access to the market.

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