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The President’s Point on the Crazy Cop Killer who Gets Double Murder Cases w/o Bail!


By: Elena Grace Flores
by UNTV News and Rescue

President Duterte will not protect cop who killed mother, son in Tarlac — Malacañang

Double Murder Charges without Bail

The Paranaque crime laboratory cop gets double murder charges without bail recently. This is after he killed a mother and her son over a New Year improvised gun noise in Paniqui, Tarlac. The trigger is the families’ previous quarrel that involves’ payment for the right of way lot in the neighborhood. The policeman was off duty. So, this is not about police brutality in the line of duty. The President said that he is crazy and he has a point there.

Crazy Cop, Not Police Brutality

President Rodrigo Duterte said that the killer cop’s action is not normal. He cannot protect him because he was not in the line of duty during the incident. Only a deranged man can kill two people in front of his daughter, added the president. The Filipino leader is very mad about what he did. Even an insanity plea won’t work for him. He’s a dangerous man and must be taken away from society without any chance of bail.

CHR on the Daughter’s Welfare

The people are so enranged with the daughter who provoked the unfortunate incident. Many critize her over social media to the verge of bullying her. It is the CHR’s mandate to implement the child protection law. Her face must not be shown in public. Filipinos must know that the child’s hatred can make her become worst than her father someday.

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