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The Real Democracy: Why Bongbong Marcos is Duterte’s Choice?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Democracy is having the right to choose a capable leader.

The Preservation of Democracy

It is a favorite false cry among the oppositions that democracy in the country dies under the Duterte administration. On the contrary, it’s the president who brings it back. This is through his continuous belief in the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos’ projects for public service. The will of the majority of Filipinos is often set aside by lawmakers. They are the ones who make laws and vote for the implementation of such developments. The Build Build Build project is indeed proof that there’s no backing out on the Marcos-Duterte alliance in any form.

Build Build Build Project is the Proof

It’s such a bluff that the funds for the Build Build Build project are from China. According to our informant, all expenses are through the ADB. This coincides with the last will and testament of former President Marcos. Duterte can only support Bongbong Marcos’s presidential bid for his projects to continue. This is despite the opposition accusing him of being a killer of democracy.

The Wealth is for Public Service

The plan to improve the lifestyle of Filipinos manifests through Marcos’s wealth in secrecy. International financial facilities are available. These are for the construction of public infrastructures. This is the reason why the Philippines can borrow huge amounts of money from the World Bank, IMF, and ADB. The almost zero interest rates, and ample grace periods. Imee Marcos explains this in one of her interviews. But Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III refuses to accept this. So, he gives the credit to the Dilawan administration’s management. However, the logic just does not match up. The battle between the current and yellow stalwarts is just too visible in this arena. Therefore, Filipinos must vote wisely.

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