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The Superpowers of Candy


By: Gene Carla Chua


CandyYes, candy has superpowers. It can’t make you fly, it won’t make you invisible, but it can make you live longer. A study in Harvard School of Public Health revealed that people who consumed candy lives longer than people who don’t. Modest candy consumption (one to three times a month) provides that most benefits, but even to those who has a daily habit (but not overindulgent) proved to live longer. Who knew a little sweet treat once in a while can give you a few extra years?

It’s not just that! A little bit of sugar can restore your willpower. Studies show that people who consume sugar, focus harder, and persevere longer on a difficult task. A little bit of candy while doing a big project, a really hard math homework, or just some chores can go a long way. Sugar is sucrose that becomes glucose when we ingest it. This glucose is where our energy comes from. Glucose is also vital in the formation of elastin and collagen, which are two of our skin’s main components. Without sugar/ glucose, our skin ages. In fact, without sugar, our body ages so much faster.

Chewing gum can also improve mental health. Chewing gum of any kind, can improve your mood, help reduce stress, increase your mental focus, and even lessen pain. This is because it increases serotonin levels. Serotonin is a hormone. It plays an important part in regulation of learning, mood, sleep, and vasoconstriction or the constriction of blood vessels. Serotonin is found in antidepressant medication. Chewing gum can also help in losing weight. When you crave for a dessert, chew a stick of gum instead. Since gum contains very little calories per serving, which means it will not ruin your diet. The act of chewing the gum and the flavor can also help you fight your cravings for other food that contains more calories.

Now let’s get started on chocolate. Chocolate is the most famous sweet-tasting delicacy in the world, and it also has a lot of health benefits. Chocolate has been used to treat depression, bronchitis, and insect bites for centuries, in civilizations from Mexico to Europe. Chocolate is also famous for being an effective aphrodisiac. Dark chocolate is also proven to improve blood flow, blood vessel function, and it may lower blood pressure. This is because dark chocolate contains more cacao and, less milk, and sugar. Cacao contains vitamins A, B1, C, D, and E, as well as potassium, sodium, and fluorine.

See! Candy has a lot of health benefits. So the next time you give yourself a little treat, don’t be too guilty, because you probably deserve it. Everyone thinks everything that tastes good is not good for your health. Candy in large amounts is really not good, but just in the right serving, you will see, it does have superpowers. This does not mean that you can abuse it though. Too much of one thing is always a bad thing.

Image Source: Best food facts

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