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The Truth is the Insurance of Freedom from Fear


By: Elena Grace Flores

Bisaya homily
[VIDEO]: Visayan Homily of Fr. Ciano about the Truth

The Insurance of Freedom

According to Fr. Ciano Ubod, he sometimes hesitates from telling his views in politics because many might refrain from giving donations if they do not support the incoming administration. So, he assures his church-goers that despite the hesitation, he ends up divulging what the holy spirit wants him to say because the truth is the insurance of freedom from fear.

Hurt can be Source of Joy

Happiness comes from misfortunes also. The key is on how to react. We must be thankful always whenever we get hurt. It’s because joy comes after surpassing the pain. Therefore, rejoice when the tide is against you. Good times are coming. Take it as an insurance for grace.

It’s Better to Give

Fr. Ciano lauded the incoming administration. As they focus on economic recovery, job creation is the priority. And not just giving aids. There are may works that have to be done. When people have jobs, they can give to the church too. So, keep on giving because to give is better than to receive, he added.

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