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There’s Hope for Bongbong Marcos’ Solution on Health and Economy Balance

health and economy

By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

Buhay at Ekonomiya | Bongbong Marcos

Health and Economy

Both health and economy must thrive together during the pandemic. This is possible using the internet and other safe methods. Filipinos need to innovate to earn and live without compromising on health. Bongbong Marcos said this is his vlog. This is easier said than done. The quality of the internet infrastructure in the country is a big question already. However, there’s hope for its balance. People can easily adjust to their new normal livelihood. The Filipinos’ entrepreneurial abilities are natural. A financial plan or provision from BBM or other likely personalities can never go to waste. Take this as a long-term investment.

People’s Efforts for Health and Economy Balance

Life must go on even with the presence of the Coronavirus. Learning to live with it is possible. This is according to the data. Its success relies greatly on behavioral change. Education, work, and other daily activities can proceed with caution and care. The integration of manual services with online strategies is the key. However, financial assistance is crucial during the transition period. Can a future leader like Marcos come up with such a source of funds for the innovative Filipinos?

Forgive Senate Clashes

Senate clashes are rampant on the Health and Economy balance arguments. Senator Cynthia Villar might sound insensitive but her point is also logical. People can die of hunger, mental illness, and other diseases because of lost jobs. To prioritize the poor on the vaccine from China is also another hot issue. These disagreements only show that democracy is on the works in the country. This could be the right time for an aspiring Filipino leader like BBM to take concrete action towards the development of a digital world in the Philippines!

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