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Third Party Bet sees Trump’s Unusual Campaign Favoring Clinton

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Third parties in the US are, in many ways, voiceless which has no comparison with the Democratic and Republican conventions, there is no army of media to tell the story during caucus. In fact, it is lucky to get the media that can make up one football team so to speak. However, this is just one of the many difficulties that third parties are facing. The Democrats and Republicans just join members together to come up with a debate commission.

Members from the Republicans and the Democrats can already form a commission and they decide who can get on the stage of the presidential debates. The attention that a candidate gets in the debates is definitely priceless. It’s an added mileage to the candidacy.

Third party candidates can hardly get invites from media organisations that pay for the polls. If third party candidates are ignored from the polls, they have no chance of being included in the debates. In American politics, you have just have few options on how to reach the 120 million American voters.

The first which is free is through the media but the Green Party is not getting that. The second way is of course paid media. The Green Party has $405,000 budget only for the whole election whereas the two major candidates have generous donors and spending hundreds of millions of dollars in paid advertisements.

The Green Party is betting on the final way, through their followers. Their presidential candidate Jill Stein gave a press conference after wrapping up the nomination. She described how she sees this election. She says Donald Trump’s very unusual campaign is forcing Republicans to slide to Democrat Hillary Clinton. She believes that is pulling Clinton to the centre; according to Aljazeera.


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