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This is How the Gold Collateral Prevent People from Inheriting Infrastructure Debts


By: Elena Grace Flores

By: Elena Grace Flores

Youtube video by; PweDelie TV

[VIDEO]:The Truth about the Marcos Gold

The Gold Collateral is Not Hidden Wealth

The Philippines’ treasure is not stolen by the late President Ferdinand Marcos. In fact, he made sure that no one can steal them for personal use. They are the debt collaterals. Even his family has no power over it. That’s why he used a German signatory. The Filipinos deserve better. Now is the time to be aware of the truth when it comes to the alleged hidden wealth. If you hear someone accuses Marcos of stealing again, you know what to do! Stand up for your right. After all, that wealth for humanity is for the Filipinos.

Imelda Marcos has the Proofs

The World Bank and its sister organization, IMF (International Monetary Fund) are special organizations that sit on top of the world’s wealth. They are hidden in secrecy. 400,000 metric tons of them are in the Central Bank. 200,000 metric tons are in the Union Bank of Switzerland. The rest are shipped to more than 200 countries. Former First Lady Imelda Marcos is the keeper of the bill of lading. The major chunks serve as debt collateral. So, the Build Build Build project is ideal.

Debt Collateral

The country’s gold collateral by Former President Ferdinand E. Marcos under the World Bank – IMF makes the country’s economy stable. Its current debts are drawn from that reserves. Recently the World Bank offers a 500 million dollars open credit to the Philippines. At almost 0% interest. The IMF Funds are also available for public services. Therefore, infrastructure projects are a safe way to make use of the funds. That would surely benefit the Filipinos. This way, the citizens’ taxes are safe. Future generations can only benefit from the facilities. They do not have to pay for them. This is contrary to the opposition’s black propaganda.

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  1. God is good,i believe that God is keeping our First Lady healthy for this mission! God bless the Marcoses!

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