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This is What Senator Tito Sotto Tells Detractors of the President & Mayor Vico


By: Elena Grace Flores
City hall employees who are stage a boycott against Pasig mayor-elect Vico Sotto should resign from their post. His uncle Senate President Vicente Sotto III said. The Senator also warns of “karma” as he questions why some people are “obsessed in wanting” President Rodrigo Du30 sick. In theory after the big failure of the LP bets during the May 13, 2019 elections, they can only hope for such occurrence for the presumptive VP, Leni Robredo to take over.

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[VIDEO]: ‘Resign,’ Tito Sotto tells employees ‘boycotting’ nephew Vico |

Indifferent to the Successor

Some city hall employees allegedly wear black shirts during the proclamation of the younger Sotto as mayor. They also stop the distribution of financial assistance to the poor recently. I don’t know why they are being like that. They should just resign together on June 30 instead of protesting the vote of their compatriots in Pasig, he suggested.

End of the 27-Year Reign

Mayor Sotto, who ends the Eusebios’ 27-year grip on Pasig said that he will prioritize healthcare and social services over infrastructure spending. His cousin Gian, son of the Senate President and actress Helen Gamboa, also wins as the vice mayor-elect in Quezon City. The Senate President’s nephew Wahoo, meanwhile, is the top 2 councilor of the second district of Parañaque.

Not a Political Dynasty

Senator Sotto said his family cannot be a political dynasty. A dynasty is confined to one place. For example, the governor is a relative of the mayor, vice governor, vice mayor. After their term, they will be replaced by a relative. You can say that’s a dynasty, he explained.

Stop the Rumor

Meanwhile, Sotto issues the statement after speculations surface that the President is at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan City. Malacañang dismisses this as “not true.” Du30 is out of the public eye for five days after he cast his vote in Davao City on May 13. Those who hope to get rid of him can only wish for his bad health because he is difficult to outsmart.

Wishing Ill to Others

The anti-administration supporters often speak of divine providence to get rid of the President in favor of the Liberal Party where the unofficial VP belongs to. Nonetheless, speaking ill of others can’t call on the divine providence but mis-treatments do.

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